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Romance, Nostalgia & Heartbreak: An Exploration of Jessica Antoine’s “Intentional” EP

Jessica Antoine (@jessicaantoineofficial) is a singer-songwriter, humanitarian, musician, actress, and first-generation American from Haiti (by way of Miami). Not too long ago, she released a lovely debut EP, entitled, “Intentional.” The project is a deep dive into Haitian culture and Antoine’s personal experiences featuring a combination of sounds such as Afro-soul, Pop, R&B, and neo-soul.

Jessica Antoine – “Intentional” EP

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“‘Intentional’ is for the young man or woman that is evolving and solidifying who they are, what they want, and standing on that! It’s as much about individual growth as it is about the journey to the lessons they learned. In the end, you realize that choosing yourself is and will always be your superpower.” – Jessica Antoine explained

“Intentional” centers around sexual liberation, romance, nostalgia, heartbreak, healing, and more. Produced by Grammy Award-winning producer and songwriter, Elijah Blake and Matthew Finn, the six-track EP includes songs in which Antoine sings in three languages: French, Haitian Creole, and English.

Jessica Antoine has been through a lot over the course of her dating history. Many ups and downs, confusing feelings, and not being on the same page as her significant other. We see this happen often as a result of poor communication between partners. Through her dissatisfaction, she embraces her sexuality and femininity. She learns to give herself grace and realizes that her superpower is finding self-love. Also, she had to love and respect herself before anyone else.

Jessica Antoine

Jessica Antoine press photo

“First, I want to thank God for my life and everyone in it. I am blessed beyond my imagination. Thank you to my family and loved ones who are always supporting me every step of the way. I want to give a huge thank you to my manager, Desean Black, for being my fearless partner in crime. Thank you, Elijah Blake and Finn Matthews, for writing and producing on this project as a collective team. I want to thank Jim for fine-tuning every pitch and melody to help me sound my ultimate best. Thank you to Nia Rice and the entire Serene Agency for sharing my vision with the world. Thank you, Jason, for your guidance and all the value you bring on board. Thank you, all the great press, for taking the time to get to know me. And last and most certainly not least thank you to my audience. Thank you for listening and supporting my art. I am nothing without my village. I love you all.” – Jessica Antoine stated

Jessica is pioneering the way for other young artists, breaking generational curses, and being sure to give back to others. Whether it is volunteering her time, giving back to others in non-profits, or lending her platform for others to have a voice, Jessica remains humbled and rooted in her “why,” always remembering that for whom much is given, much is required.

Jessica Antoine – “Kremas” [Official Music Video]

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