Jeremy Pascal press photo

Jeremy Pascal releases an emo-alternative tune, entitled, “Heart Scars”

Jeremy Pascal (Tino Romana, Julian Propst, and Nico Winkler) is a Vienna-based trio. Not too long ago, they released an emo-alternative tune, entitled, “Heart Scars”, featured on their upcoming EP.

Jeremy Pascal – “Heart Scars” single

“Jeremy is dealing with both physical and psychological addictions. He repeatedly substitutes his drug use with abusive relationships. The drug abuse only abates until the relationship falls apart, and then he’s right back to doing drugs again. This is why the love/hate conflict is so prominent in the song. ‘You’re not here, I feel alive. But I’m dying every night.’ And these lines clearly show Jeremy’s awareness of the cycle of the addiction. ‘If you ever f**king call me, fill the cup up with some x pills. I regret the juice and the white lines.’” – Tino (lead singer)

‘Heart Scars’, an honest take of how trauma begets addiction, follows on the heels of Jeremy Pascal’s debut single, entitled, “Good Drugs”.

The emotional tune finds the dynamic three-piece using honest lyrics to explore the cyclical nature of abuse and addiction.

Jeremy Pascal

Jeremy Pascal press photo

Jeremy Pascal is a name you should remember and an exciting band to watch.

So far, they have been making waves in the European market and are now making their talents known worldwide.

Their “Heart Scars” single contains a relatable storyline, pleasing vocals, and catchy melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses vibrant instrumentation scented with an emo-alternative aroma.  

Jeremy Pascal – “Heart Scars” single

Jeremy Pascal - “Heart Scars” cover

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