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Jeff Moes unveils an appealing audiovisual for his “Adjoa” single

Jeff Moes is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Amsterdam. Not too long ago, he released an appealing audiovisual for his “Adjoa” single.

Jeff Moes – “Adjoa” music video

“This song is about young, carefree love. The chorus which is: ‘Adjoa, feeli free, I wanna be the one to call you my lover. Adjoa feeli free, make I hold your hand, and call you my lover.’ The chorus highlights that spirit of carefree romance as young people. Not giving a damn and letting them know that with true love one will always be able to flourish and be who they want to be. Adwoa which is pronounced ‘ajwa’, is the name given to girls born on Monday from the Akan tribe, which is the tribe I hail from.” – Jeff Moes stated

‘Adjoa’ contains a relatable narrative, Akan and English vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses vibey instrumentation flavored with afro-pop, afrobeat, and highlife elements. Furthermore, “Adjoa” serves as a wonderful presentation to what listeners can expect to hear from Jeff Moes in the near future. 

“After all the sh*t we been through, you still want to be with me.” 

Jeff Moes press photo

Jeff Moes is referred to as “The Shift Moes” because his music takes listeners on a journey through time and space. His Dutch culture combined with his mother’s Ghanaian roots serves as a solid foundation for his unique Afrocentric sound. As his love for his craft grew, his love for his African roots followed in suite. That’s when he realized the importance of retaining his identity. Therefore, he made a conscious decision to place a heavier emphasis on making music that highlighted the traditional language and melodic sounds created by his ancestors.

“Adjoa” single

Jeff Moes - “Adjoa” cover

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