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Jayden releases a music video for his “With You” single featuring Jake Reese

Jayden is a rising music producer, showman, and an emerging player in the international dance music scene. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “With You” single featuring Dutch singer Jake Reese.

Jayden – “With You” music video featuring Jake Reese

“When I wake in the morning, wipe  the sleep from my eyes. Who’s  staring back from the mirror ’cause I don’t recognize ‘em. It’s only when I’m with you that  it just feels right. And  up to then, I’m waiting, trying hard to pass the time. No  matter what I do, you’re on my mind ’cause everywhere we go, we’re on a ride.” – lyrics

‘With You’ tells an enjoyable tale of a young guy who cherishes the valuable time that he spends with his significant other.

Apparently, before he met his partner, there was something missing. But his life changed dramatically after meeting this special person.

‘With You’ contains an uplifting storyline, harmonious vocals, and sugar-sweet melodies. Also, the catchy tune possesses endearing instrumentation flavored with tropical synths and dance elements.

Jayden – “With You” single feat. Jake Reese

Jayden - “With You” cover art

Jayden has become known for his eccentric personality. He has attracted a large following due to his enchanting songs as well as his mysterious and intriguing ‘panda’ character.

So far, he has accumulated over 250k followers on Instagram and 6M views on YouTube for his last two presentation videos.

Not too long ago, he joined the Mates family, an entertainment brand with over 15M followers across social media networks.

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