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Jay Putty releases a heartfelt pop tune, entitled, “Kids In Love”

Jay Putty is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter from Indiana. Not too long ago, he released a heartfelt pop tune, entitled, “Kids In Love”.

Jay Putty – “Kids In Love” single

“‘Kids In Love’ is a song about never leaving your honeymoon phase while still growing old together. From pillow forts, post-it love notes, food fights, and more.” – Jay Putty

‘Kids In Love’ tells an adorable tale of a young couple who has a goal to grow up and grow old in love.

Apparently, naysayers predict that their love won’t stand the test of time, but the optimistic lovebirds are singing a different tune.  

‘Kids In Love’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and guitar-driven instrumentation scented with a new-acoustic-pop aroma.

Jay Putty – “Kids In Love” single

Jay Putty - “Kids In Love” cover

“My grandparents’ relationship never grew out of kids in love. They taught me so much about love and to make really cherish every second of life with your significant other. When I lost my grandpa I wanted to find a way to have a piece of him with me all the time. And a way to remind myself that you never have to stop being a kid in love. And the honeymoon phase doesn’t have to end. So I wrote this song about it a few years ago.” – Jay Putty

‘Kids In Love’ was produced by Kevin Gates, Jay Putty’s longtime friend, and mentor.

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