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Jay Lafond releases a melodic rap tune, entitled, “Got It B@D”

Jay Lafond is an artist/producer from Montreal, Canada. Not too long ago, he released a melodic rap tune, entitled, “Got It B@d”.

Jay Lafond – “Got It B@D”

“I go psycho when you got it bad. You’re the best thing that I’ve never had. Tell me, tell me where the f**k you at. Are you ever coming back? If you got love for me, I got love for you. Baby, I know what you tryna do. F**k you lil b**ch, never wanted you.” – lyrics

‘Got It B@D’ tells an interesting tale of a young guy who opens up about his past relationship which didn’t end well.

Apparently, he doesn’t want to talk about love anymore, he just wants to sip a drink to temporarily ease his heartache. 

‘Got It B@D’ contains a relatable storyline, harmonious rap vocals, and easy-going instrumentation flavored with hip-hop, emo, and modern R&B elements.

Jay Lafond – “Got It B@D” single

Jay Lafond - “Got It B@D” artwork

At the age of 13, Jay Lafond’s mother bought him a guitar for Christmas. Shortly afterward, he started making beats and writing songs.

Four years later, he formed a duo with a friend. But after many tours and millions of streams, their story ended 5 years later. After a few releases, Lafond obtained his first publishing deal as a solo artist.

We recommend adding Jay Lafond’s “Got It B@d” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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