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Jamie McDell releases an emo-alternative country tune, entitled, “Botox”

Jamie McDell is a talented singer-songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand. Not too long ago, she released an emo-alternative country tune, entitled, “Botox”, produced by Nash Chambers.

Jamie McDell – “Botox” music video

“Every day I look in the mirror. Discover me a new set of lines. So I was kind of thinking of Botox, baby. A modern way to turn back time. Maybe, I could add to my order. Does it even work like that? Ask the doctor if he could make me shorter so you can get your manhood back.” – lyrics

‘Botox’ tells a significant tale of a young woman who shares a problematic relationship with her significant other.

Apparently, she always thinks of different ways to make her partner happy (e.g., a trip to the Bahamas, buying a stripper, having a daughter, etc.).

In a nutshell, she wants her sweetheart to feel like a king in his own castle, even though he doesn’t seem to value what they have as much as she does.

Jamie McDell

Jamie McDell press photo

“This is a song about the danger of silencing your own instincts, changing yourself, and compromising your values because a significant other has convinced you, you need fixing.” – Jamie McDell

Jamie McDell is a name you should remember. With each release, she continues to establish herself as an exciting artist to watch.

Since signing to EMI at the age of 16, she has embarked on a musical journey that would see her become a household name in New Zealand.

Jamie McDell – “Botox” EP

Jamie McDell + Botox EP cover

‘Botox’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and well-placed melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses guitar-driven instrumentation scented with an emo-alternative country aroma.

‘Botox’ is the title track from Jamie McDell’s upcoming EP, which is set to be released on October 25, 2019.

Rounding out The Botox EP are two more songs.

“Worst Crime”, a stunning duet with Robert Ellis, is about how the worst crimes that we can commit against each other tend to be emotional ones.

“Goodbye, Ohio” is a song derived from the story of an older woman that Jamie McDell met in Toronto. The woman told Jamie she used to be in a band—on the other side, referring to America and the other side of the Great Lakes.

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