Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith releases a music video for his “Icon” single

Jaden Smith is a rapper and actor from Malibu, California. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Icon”, a single from his debut album, entitled, “SYRE”.

Jaden Smith – “Icon” music video

“What you call an icon livin’? Start a record label, MSFTS just did it. Nylon cover, five minutes. We up too hot in the business. ‘Bout to make a movie independent. Need new trucks, independent. I need you to listen to the vision. All your verses sound like dirty dishes. I’m about to clean ’em in the kitchen and we making money by the minute. I’m about to do it way different.” – lyrics

The music video shows the artist with a neck full of jewelry. Also, the following scenes show him exiting a luxury vehicle and performing.


Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith

Smith’s full name is Jaden Christopher Syre Smith. He used one of his middle names for the title of his album.

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