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Jacqui Siu releases a smooth alternative tune, entitled, “Headlock”

Jacqui Siu is a singer-songwriter from Auckland, NZ. Not too long ago, she released a smooth alternative tune, entitled, “Headlock”.

Jacqui Siu – “Headlock”

“You looking over your shoulder, you better think fast. There’s no going back. And I’m just getting started here. You should never let me, you should never let me love you. And now I’m not fading, still living in your memory.” – lyrics

‘Headlock’ contains a relatable storyline, soul vocals, and a warm slow-grinding instrumentation perfumed with an urban soul/neo-jazz scent.

Jacqui Siu – “Headlock”

Jacqui Siu – “Headlock” artwork

“This song is for the people who are always getting into bad relationships where they obsess over the other person and lose themselves. In this song, the tables are turned and they are finally in control of their feelings. It’s about not letting someone steal your peace.” – Jacqui Siu

Jacqui Siu’s musical influences include Frank Ocean, Banks, The Internet, and Billie Eilish. Also, her debut EP has gained more than 850k streams worldwide. Currently, she’s working on her upcoming debut album.

We recommend adding Jacqui Siu’s “Headlock” single to your personal playlist.

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