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Experience the Soulful Sounds of IYAMAH’s “Ladybird” Single

IYAMAH (eye-yam-ah) is a Brighton-born, London-based vocalist and songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a lovely music video for her chill neo-soul single, “Ladybird.” The song contains a relatable narrative that will resonate with ELIZA, Lava La Rue, and Greentea Peng supporters.

IYAMAH – “Ladybird” music video

“I just saved a ladybird, fallen from a tree. Drowning in the water I picked it up, put it back on the leaf. Little ladybird, watched it fix its wings. Took a couple minutes then it just flew off happily.” – lyrics

“Ladybird” is about IYAMAH’s encounter with a ladybird that forced her to reflect on her relationship with nature, and the city life she had been living for the past 10 years. How do we become disconnected from what truly matters? This song was written from the perspective of the ladybird, reminding us that sometimes we need to slow down and live in the moment. Furthermore, “Ladybird” is featured on IYAMAH’s debut album, “In Two Worlds,” available on April 5th, 2024.

IYAMAH – “In Two Worlds” album

IYAMAH - “Ladybird” cover art

“In Two Worlds” finds IYAMAH analyzing her relationship with her past and her inner child and the impact this has had on her relationships with nature, success, money, religion, childhood, education, mental health, and spirituality. The album features production from Pitch 92 and Hannah V, with additional offerings from Reuben James, Sam Wills, and Kofi Stone. Singles “Green Grass,” “Gemini Guy,” and “Chasing Dreams” have seen considerable support from notable media outlets like Victoria Jane and Jess Iszatt (BBC Radio 1) and others.

IYAMAH - “Ladybird” back cover

“It all started with a Tarot reading. All the songs are reflections of the cards I pulled that day. The first card had a picture of a woman blindfolded, tied up in ropes and chains, and in front of her are 8 swords but there is a gap between two of them, and a castle in the distance.” IYAMAH explained, referring to the inspiration for the opening track “8 Of Swords.” In examining what it is to dream, to hope and to want, she identifies the difference between those for whom dreams remain a fantasy and those who manifest their dreams into existence.

IYAMAH continued, “It sparked something in me because in many ways I felt trapped, isolated, and restricted, like my dreams were further away than they had ever been before. So, I began to imagine a ‘perfect’ world, full of abundance, there were no rules, plenty of money and beauty. From this, the project began to write itself as I dived into this other world.”

IYAMAH – “luxury” single

“Luxury” explores the reality of arriving at the castle depicted in that first Tarot card. While dreaming of a luxurious and materialistic life, IYAMAH simultaneously questions how such a dreamer could ever get so lost in the in-between of two worlds between hopeful fantasy and manifested reality.

Through introspective and purposeful lyrics, IYAMAH explores her own fears of success, the deceitful nature of the social media age, and the compromises that come with the responsibilities of wealth: “my relationship to money has always been a difficult one, and in this song, I talk about wanting to make amends with money.”

IYAMAH – “The Key” single

“The Key” strips back everything materialistic, focusing instead on the things that matter: connection, wisdom, kindness, memories, and community. The track was inspired by IYAMAH’s auntie – a hugely talented poet, dancer, writer, and artist who never made any money from anything she did because she didn’t do it for those reasons. “I’ve never seen so many people at a funeral. The streets were full in Brighton because not everyone could fit in the church. It taught me about the key to happiness in life – if there is such a thing. No money in her pockets but she’s rich with love.”

The track serves as the perfect conclusion for “In Two Worlds.” Having gone so far from her true self in expanding the boundaries of what it is to fantasize and want, IYAMAH returns to the center of it all. “I was once told ‘I can’t feel your pain. If you want help, you must help yourself, because only you can truly know where it’s coming from’” she muses. “This could be the tarot reader who it begins and ends with, who I come to for answers, for advice… and yet it was within me all along.”


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IYAMAH grew up on the sounds of African drumming and reggae music in the seaside town of Brighton. Immersed in the festival culture, she was raised by her artistic mother, who encouraged her with a creative upbringing. At 13, she picked up a piano and started writing songs, but kept them for her own expression, just like a diary.

IYAMAH describes her sound as ‘rootsy soul,’ a combination of her favorite genres. She was inspired by empowering female artists and since moving to London at 19, developed her taste for neo-soul and hip-hop, under the likes of Ms. Dynamite and Erykah Badu. IYAMAH released her first single “Cryptic Love” in 2018 and has become one of the UK’s most exciting up-and-coming artists.

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