Irene Wong - Favorite Skeleton press photo

Discover Irene Wong’s “Favorite Skeleton” Single

Irene Wong (@hty.04) is a Chinese American influencer, model, and singer-songwriter from Birmingham, Alabama. Not too long ago, she released her “Favorite Skeleton” single, produced by Nathan Fertig (Tate McRae, Alec Benjamin, Grace VanderWaal), written by Nathan Fertig and Anna Belfany, recorded and mixed by Marvin Delgado (Grammy-nominated), and mastered by Demetrius Lewis II (Grammy-winning).

Irene Wong – “Favorite Skeleton” single

“You’re my favorite skeleton, you’re buried in the back of my heart. Can’t feel you anymore, but, baby, you’re my ghost in the dark. My favorite skeleton, I killed you, then it tore me apart, I can’t forget. Guess you’re sticking around till I’m dead.” – lyrics

“Favorite Skeleton” is bittersweet, self-deprecating, and melancholy, looking inwards and backward rather than outward and forward. It’s a track that finds Irene Wong reminiscing about a past relationship, and how the thought of those memories always seems to haunt her and won’t go away. With a broken heart, Irene sings with gentle passion over a guitar-driven instrumentation, “Making a mess of myself is all I know. Tripping and falling over my ex’s bones tryna get over you, but I know I won’t.”

As a classically trained musician, music has always been Irene’s true passion. Now, she has been working hard to pursue her dream professionally. Her “Favorite Skeleton” single follows mildly on the heels of her debut song, “mmm idk.”

Irene Wong – “mmm idk” (Director’s Cut)

Irene Wong has quickly risen to fame on various social media platforms, captivating her 2.7 million TikTok followers with her nonchalant and witty approach to short-form content. She has been affectionately nicknamed “Asian Rapunzel” due to her striking knee-length hair, a unique trait she humorously portrays in her content.

“I’m not even gonna ask if there’s a way to get you back.”

Irene Wong - Favorite Skeleton press photo

At the tender age of 19, Irene has found an unwavering ally in her label, Unbound Entertainment. The label is committed to nurturing Irene’s talent from its early stages of development, ensuring her dreams become a reality.

“Least you know I’m hurting.”

Irene Wong - Favorite Skeleton press photo

While Irene enjoys a significant presence on social media, she has courageously battled her own emotions and fears on her journey towards musical stardom. Unbound Entertainment is playing a pivotal role in Irene’s growth, offering an experience that has seen each trip to Los Angeles become progressively more enriching. These trips now encompass more studio sessions, reduced stress, fewer emotional breakdowns, an increasing number of press interviews, and, most importantly, a growing sense of confidence as an artist.

“Maybe, I deserve it.”

Irene Wong - Favorite Skeleton press photo

Irene’s label has adopted the “Asian Entertainment” approach in the United States, dedicated to working closely with Irene at a young age, essentially “training” her in the studio, and actively developing her music catalog. This investment underscores their commitment to unleashing Irene’s full potential as a music artist.

Irene’s journey from a TikTok sensation to a promising music artist continues to captivate her dedicated followers and has piqued the interest of many in the industry. Her commitment to her craft and the unwavering support of Unbound Entertainment promise to propel her to greater heights in the music industry.

Irene Wong – “Favorite Skeleton” single

Irene Wong - Favorite Skeleton Artwork

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