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Ink to Spill releases a visceral rock tune, entitled, “Raging Hormones”

Alt-rock outfit Ink to Spill recently released “Raging Hormones”, a song inspired by two homophonic phrases. Essentially, the song narrates the story of a Las Vegas party girl who lives in the fast lane until her lifestyle tarnishes her beauty and her soul.

Ink to Spill – “Raging Hormones” single

“The concept for the lyrics began with me just being interested in the juxtaposition and relationship between the phrases ‘Raging Hormones’ and ‘A Raging Whore Moans’. From there it was just what does that journey look like for our character? I told the guys, light and hopeful feel upfront and dark and soulful on the back end. And they went to town.” — Ink to Spill’s songwriter, C’Quil told Vents Magazine

Ink to Spill is made up of Gus Reeves (lead vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar), Ryan Behling (vocals, bass, keyboards), and Ernie Adams (drums, percussion). Bob Palmieri (lead guitar) and C’Quil (songwriting, production) are added to the team when they are performing live.

The members live in various locations throughout the U.S., spanning from the West Coast to the East Coast. Therefore, they have to collaborate remotely, via the virtual world.

Ink to Spill’s music contains elements of soul, R&B, alt-rock, and funk. Also, it features forthright lyricism ranging from intimate and personal, to social topics, to the ludicrous.

Raging Hormones” single

Ink to Spill - Raging Hormones cover

“Raging Hormones” finds Ink to Spill generating a raw aggressive rhythm rife with surging dense harmonics and edgy vocals.

The song opens on a potent brawny rhythm, crunching and thick. Followed by tight wicked vocals, filtered and oozing ominous textures topped by pale gleaming keyboards. Also, the tune is infused with sonic chill and pressure.  

Incandescent blistering guitar licks enter, imbuing the music with nuances of moody colors. As the melody proceeds, it assumes darker shadows and viscous dripping energy. Also, the melody is emphasized by Gus’s deepening tones, which injects the lyrics with deepening shades of tonal savors.

“All alone in the dark / Damp and cold”

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