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Experience the Pure Calm of INGO, Namic, & Sarah Bird’s “Burning” Single

INGO (@ingoreddemann) is a Berlin-based producer, award-winning drummer, songwriter, and orchestral percussionist from Iceland and Norway. Namic (@namic_music) Laurent Lousberg is an electro-pop artist from Belgium. Sarah Bird is an award-winning Berlin-based, Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist. Not too long ago, they released a mesmerizing tropical house single, “Burning,” via Soave Records.

INGO, Namic & Sarah Bird – “Burning” single

“Walking down the streets where we just met before. The lights were getting dark around us. We were young before all the candles burnt down. Used to dream from stars around us, but now life seems burning. I’m only feeling heat around us missing those good old days. Did we choose the right way or was everything a mistake?” – lyrics

“Burning” tells a warming tale about a young woman who no longer knows right or wrong. With moments of joy in her companion’s eyes, she admits, “Waiting for someone to catch our broken souls and better days, sun in our eyes. It takes time to realize we’re on our way, the sweetest of all our dreams.”

“Burning” is a deep house track with a vibe that instills a sense of pure calm and raw excitement. The heartfelt piano chords and silky guitars speak to the soothing nature of the track, while Sarah Bird’s euphoric vocals add a layer of awe that’ll turn heads in tune with the well-crafted beat.

INGO, Namic & Sarah Bird – “Burning” single

INGO x Namic - Burning cover

INGO started playing music at the age of 4. After graduating with first-class honors at the Hanns Eisler Music Conservatory and the School Of Popular Arts in Berlin, he was appointed the principal percussionist at the Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra. In the past years, INGO has worked with a lot of great artists like Robbie Williams, the Berlin Philharmonic, the State Opera Hanover, and NDR Radiophilharmonie to name a few.

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