INGER - “Playing Games” cover

INGER releases a lovely music video for the single, entitled, “Playing Games”

INGER is an independent singer-songwriter from Estonia. Not too long ago, the artist released a lovely music video for the single, entitled, “Playing Games”, written by the artist and Karl-Ander Reismann (producer).

INGER – “Playing Games” music video

“Sitting here, just the four walls around me, and you’re in my mind. Counting days since your love was all about me, that you left behind. Now all I think about are times I wanna replay. I think about moments that felt like mistakes. And all these years we waited for something to change. But now we’re playing games.” – lyrics

‘Playing Games’ tells an adorable tale of an individual who wants another chance at love. Apparently, this person’s significant other plays a lot of games and was seen having a good time with someone new.  

Furthermore, “Playing Games” contains a relatable narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the optimistic tune possesses sunny instrumentation decorated with a breezy indie-pop aroma.


INGER - “Playing Games” photo by Kateriine Krigul
Photo by Kateriine Krigul

Despite the young age, INGER has already performed abroad in the U.S., China, and Europe. The artist’s music is inspired by love, emotions, and people. Also, the charismatic newcomer’s career started with YouTube covers, continued through 2017 Noortebänd contest, and finally, 2019 brought INGER to Eesti Laul (Estonian Eurovision song contest) with “Coming Home”, which placed 6th.

INGER’s unique voice, charisma, endless smile, and distinctive songwriting have made INGER one of the most loved new young singers in Estonia.

“Playing Games” single

INGER - “Playing Games” photo by Kateriine Krigul
Photo by Kateriine Krigul

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