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Discover the Magic of Infinity Rose’s “Move With Love” Single

Infinity Rose (@infinityroseband) is an up-and-coming indie soul band based in California. Not too long ago, they released a lovely music video for their “Move With Love” single.

Infinity Rose – “Move With Love” Music Video

“When I move with love, all that is real in me jumps outside to feel. What makes this knife harder to hold in the grip of my soul? That which pains me leaves from me, walking blithely down the street. Words from the walls, tears from a stone, never be alone. If it’s not real, make it real! If it’s not here, then go slowly away. My love won’t turn to pain, so let it stay while streets roll away.” – lyrics

“Move With Love” contains a relatable narrative that will resonate well with fans of Thee Sacred Souls, Al Green, Alabama Shakes, and Swamp Dogg. Noelle Proffit sings with great passion, “When I move with love, all of my soul deepens in my need to grow. Every depth quaking in me, trembling belief. That which pains me leaves from me.” Move With Love attracts and serves as a wonderful taste of what listeners can expect to hear from Infinity Rose in the near future.

Infinity Rose – “Move With Love” single

Infinity Rose - “Move With Love” cover art

“‘Move With Love’ is somewhat of an anthemic song about greeting the hardships of the world with love and conviction. Speaking of love itself, it advises, ‘If it’s not real, make it real! If it’s not here, then go slowly away.’” – Infinity Rose stated

Infinity Rose is a West Coast band that indulges in the sounds of ‘70s soul classics, yet simultaneously touches on modern R&B elements. The band features Noelle Proffit on vocals and guitar, Jake Martin on vocals and guitar, Ethan Herrera on drums and percussion, Frank Hudson on bass, and Nicolas James Scott on piano and keyboards.

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