Ima Sobé press photo

Ima Sobé releases a delicious pop tune, entitled, “Everything to Nothing”

Ima Sobé is a singer-songwriter who grew up in Asker, Norway. Not too long ago, she released a delicious pop tune, entitled, “Everything to Nothing”.

Ima Sobé – “Everything to Nothing”

“Everything to nothing, right there first time. Everything to nothing, right there in your eyes. This isn’t how the story ends, I keep drifting back to then. Everything to nothing, I saw the signs.” – lyrics

‘Everything to Nothing’ contains a relatable storyline, gorgeous pop vocals, and a lush instrumentation perfumed with a commercial scent. Also, the song tells the tale of a woman who reflects on a past relationship. Although it’s over and done with, she thinks about what could’ve been if she and her ex-boyfriend would have worked out their problems.

Ima Sobé – “Everything to Nothing”

Ima Sobé + Everything to Nothing artwork

“The song is about missing a lost love from the past and wondering what we could have been today.” – Ima Sobé

Ima Sobé first got known as a platinum-selling vocalist featured on songs with artists such as Tungevaag, Italo Brothers, and Cir.Cuz. Those singles have amassed over 35 million hits on Spotify and YouTube. Since then, Ima Sobé has been fashioning her ear-welcoming sound, releasing several singles including “Na Na Na”, “Dance With U” with A-lee, and “Everything to Nothing”.  

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