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illume releases a dreamy indie-pop single, entitled, “Body Sighs, Getting By”

illume is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from California. Not too long ago, she released a dreamy indie-pop single, entitled, “Body Sighs, Getting By.”

illume – “Body Sighs, Getting By” single

“I know all that I need to get by. I know, but it’s getting harder every time. Wonder what I do it all for? Wish I could let it go? I can’t hold myself much longer. When I’m starting to wonder if I am sane at all. Can I last another night? Body sighs, I’m curious, I think I’ll stay alive.” – lyrics

‘Body Sighs, Getting By’ tells a gloomy tale about a young woman who sometimes feels trapped behind the iron bars located inside her mind. Also, she feels alive but it’s not hard to deny that she has a lust for life. Later, she asks herself, “I wonder what living feels like? Wish I could get to know.”

‘Body Sighs, Getting By’ contains relatable lyrics and soft and calming vocal melodies. The moody tune possesses thudding drum-laden instrumentation flavored with a dreamy indie-pop vibration. Furthermore, “Body Sighs, Getting By” follows mildly on the heels of illume’s debut single, “Pedestal,” which currently has 49k streams on Spotify. Also, the song is an ideal choice for anyone who knows what it’s like to search for hope in a somewhat hopeless situation.

“I know everything gets better with time.”

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“I wanted to make ‘Body Sighs, Getting By’ to express what it feels like to be in a ruminating state. I was mentally struggling at the time, and I wanted to make it sound as though I was confiding in the listener so that anyone who relates to the lyrics, or the sentiments may feel more connected in a way. After all, the goal of my music is to express myself genuinely while also making sure that people feel something.” – illume stated

illume discovered her passion for music via an enthusiasm for life and art. Telling stories from her own experiences and visions, her music serves as a way to bridge the gap between despair and empowerment, inspiring listeners to believe in themselves and acknowledge the power they have to create the life they want to live. illume finds poetic novelty in the mundane as a way to question the human experience and help listeners do the same.

“Body Sighs, Getting By” single

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“When did it get this far? I thought I loved me all. Sometimes love’s not enough for the feeling of not enough.” – lyrics

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