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Get to Know IAMTHELIVING’s Brand-New EP, “Nebra Sky, Pt. 1”

IAMTHELIVING (Rian Peters @iamtheliving) is a London-born, Vancouver-based singer-songwriter, producer, and performer. Not too long ago, he released a magnetic new EP, “Nebra Sky, Pt. 1,” along with a music video for his silky smooth single, “Love So Divine.”

IAMTHELIVING – “Love So Divine” single

“Love So Divine” opens in a moment of vulnerability as IAMTHELIVING delivers “a classic love song about declaring your undeniable love for your significant other.” The heartfelt song is spiritual at its core and closes the project on a soulful note. Intertwined with moody guitar melodies and saturated drums, “Love So Divine” is perfect for anyone who can’t live without their significant other being by their side.

IAMTHELIVING – “Nebra Sky, Pt. 1” EP

IAMTHELIVING - “Nebra Sky, Pt. 1” EP cover art

“The name ‘Nebra Sky’ was inspired by the Nebra sky disk, an ancient map of the cosmos. The Nebra sky disk illustrates the crescent moon, the sun, and the stars. All life was created from the cosmos. This is the source from where I channel my artistic expression. ‘Nebra Sky, Pt.1’ is a portal into my world. It is a true introduction to who I am. From start to finish it takes you on a journey. The sound, the stories, the vision are elements of my spirit, my art, and my life experiences, it’s authentically me. My hope for this EP is that you can get to know me, walk with me on this journey and that it can also uplift and inspire others to be authentically themselves, to never give up, and to go for what it is that you truly want in life.” – IAMTHELIVING explained

Magnetic energy surges through the music of IAMTHELIVING. He infuses alternative R&B with charisma, emotion, soul, and spirit in equal measure on “Nebra Sky, Pt. 1.” Moments of introspection unfurl to the tune of nimbly plucked acoustic guitar, dancefloor reverie ensues in the glow of neon synths and boisterous strings, and heartfelt poetry echoes through tender crooning on “Nebra Sky, Pt. 1.” This is the first part of a larger body of work to be released later next year.

The EP includes the previously released single “Can’t Be Replaced,” the heavenly “Calloused Heart,” “Make It Home Alive” featuring soulful artist Jake Isaac, and the most recent single “Rockin’ London City.”


IAMTHELIVING press photo
Photo by Raunie Mae

“I want my music to offer light. I want to pull listeners out of dark places and bring them along on my journey. It’s my goal to use music to elevate, and I’m trying to inspire and influence others in the most positive way possible. – IAMTHELIVING stated

Before IAMTHELIVING was born, Rian launched his career not as a singer but as a professional backing dancer. Eventually, he explored his love of songwriting, singing, and producing. In 2018, he cut his teeth in songwriting sessions in London and Los Angeles before settling in Vancouver.

In 2019, he introduced himself as IAMTHELIVING with the independent debut, “In This Thing Called Life” EP. Catching fire, it notably garnered a 2021 JUNO Award nomination in the category of “Traditional R&B/Soul Recording of the Year.”

IAMTHELIVING - “Love So Divine” video still photo

Meanwhile, IAMTHELIVING received nods for “R&B Artist of the Year” at the Western Canadian Music Awards in 2020 and 2021, appearing on numerous national television shows in Canada. He also joined forces with Teon Gibbs on the JNGL EP and 2023 saw him ink a deal with Nettwerk Music Group. Now, IAMTHELIVING projects life and light through every song.

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