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Discover I.M the artist’s New Single, “these days / outspoken introvert”

I.M the artist (@i.mtheartist also known as Issa) is a London-based alternative singer-songwriter and multidisciplinary creative from Gothenburg, Sweden. Not too long ago, she released her latest single, “these days / outspoken introvert,” via APOLLO Distribution.

I.M the artist – “these days / outspoken introvert”

“In part 1 [these days] I reflect on how it feels to exist in this media age where online and real life are so symbiotic. It brings about these existential questions of…who are we without all the noise? We’re constantly plugged in, and we have this deep desire to be seen and understood, yet the input is often overwhelming and unfulfilling. It’s all become quite paradoxical. Ironically, the internet used to be a place to escape to, now it’s what we’re trying to escape from. Speaking of paradox, I remember writing the line ‘I’m an outspoken introvert, heartbroken optimist’ and thinking if I could describe myself in one sentence, that would probably be it. I’m trying to embrace the nuances of who I am.” – I.M the artist explained

“these days / outspoken introvert” showcases I.M the artist’s experimental and alternative musical style. The song details the hardships that come with self-discovery and forging your own place in this world. Furthermore, “these days / outspoken introvert” is a dynamic fusion of two contrasting halves: the first, an electronic, distorted lo-fi track, and the second infused with a soulful R&B essence. Together, they craft a multi-dimensional, cross-genre experience that is truly one-of-a-kind. The track’s eclectic variety feels like a breath of fresh air, demonstrating the remarkable depth of musicality possessed by I.M the artist.

I.M the artist – “Outspoken Introvert” Official Video

“Part 2 [outspoken introvert] is, at its core, reflective of what it feels like to be part of a generation regarded as too emotional. With this false narrative that we’re soft and fragile and get so easily offended – the running joke of every washed-up comedian’s comedy special. It’s a bullsh*t way to undermine our legitimate concerns/complaints and avoid finding real solutions, so we can actually progress out of a society that continually allows harmful behavior and the cycle of abuse to thrive.” – I.M the artist explained

Rooted in poetic lyricism, with influences of alternative R&B and soul sonics, I.M the artist’s songs are layered with distinctively emotive vocal melodies and genre-bending production.

In 2019, she independently released her debut EP “Self-Made,” delving into themes of identity, adolescence, creative struggle, and mental health. Believing her creativity and conscience to be intrinsically linked, she often uses her art as an outlet for her frustrations and a channel to candidly reflect society, and the times.

I.M the artist

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From a young age, I.M the artist struggled to confine her energy to any one singular space and always felt inspired by and drawn to explore a variety of artistic mediums, from music and poetry to film and visual art. She strives for progression and experimentation within her sound, boldly defying conventional song structure and transforming the emotional nuances of life into soulful delivery.

Since her debut project, I.M the artist has released a high-quality catalog of songs, as well as directed and produced her music videos, revealing her vision and capability as an artist. Over the past year, Issa’s been establishing her place on the live music scene, performing at iconic venues around the city, and connecting with her audience. Now, with her sophomore EP in the vault, she’s set to share her exciting new work with the world.

I.M the artist – “these days / outspoken introvert”

I.M the artist - “these days : outspoken introvert” cover art

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