Hunit Stackz - “Mega Million” cover art

Hunit Stackz releases a celebratory rap tune, entitled, “Mega Million”

Hunit Stackz is an up-and-coming rapper based in Baltimore, MD. Not too long ago, he released a celebratory rap tune, entitled, “Mega Million”, produced by DJ Chopp-A-Lot.

Hunit Stackz – “Mega Million” single

“I could never put the bills in my own name ‘cause ain’t no pay stubs for the dope man. One day you boomin’ and the next day you owe man. But that just how it goes in the dope game. I’m tired of giving out excuses on Christmas. A text for your birthday, a gift ain’t gifted. All the women in my life who still acknowledge me. When all I showed up with was cards from the Dollar Tree. It’s time to pay you back ‘cause you paid it forward. Only reason I succeed ‘cause you prayed for it.” – lyrics

‘Mega Million’ tells a fictional tale of a young guy who wins the mega millions jackpot lottery.

Apparently, he used to worry about bill collectors, his food stamps balance, and other poverty-related issues.

Now, he wants to spend his winnings on freeing his friends from behind bars, buying his mother a home, and his grandmother a car.

Also, he has enough money to buy himself a luxury home with a pool outside and a recording studio inside. Plus, he wants to send his children to a good school with air-conditioning.

Stream Hunit Stackz’s “Mega Million” single via Apple Music

‘Mega Million’ expounds on the common ideology: “If only I could win the lottery, life would be great.”

The likable tune takes listeners on a musical journey through the life and times of everyone who has ever struggled for a better life.

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