HUEMANZ MILITIA releases a music video for their “Afrxwizm” single

HUEMANZ MILITIA is a hip-hop/rap duo. Not too long ago, they released a music video for “Afrxwizm”, a single from their “Afrxwizm (Afrxwka Is Forever Our Residing Orgin Within)” album.


Afrxwizm is a song paying homage to the Motherland [Africa]. Also, it pays homage to J Dilla, a well-respected hip-hop producer who passed away on February 10, 2006.



“We are warriors of the AFRXW NATIXN, fighting devils as we rescue our people and deliver them to serenity. Throughout AFRXWIZM, you will have the chance to tap into your inner peace as well as your inner revolutionary. We stay mixxn Hip-SOUL [a fusion of old school hip hop mixed with powerful emotions and feeling provoked by soul music]. We are always at an opposition to the opposed, mixxn the coldest sounds with the illest methods.

Check out MILITIA’s “Afrxwizm (Afrxwka Is Forever Our Residing Orgin Within)” album via Spotify.

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