How to stop panicking and find a job after graduation

Most students experience stress throughout their final year of college. The reasons for it are final exams, writing a thesis, and constant pressure from teachers and parents. Who will I work with after graduation? What if I can’t find a job in my field? Will the employer be able to hire me without any work experience? These and other questions are spinning in the minds of hundreds of thousands of students. At least 53% of college students are either unemployed or underemployed.

We talked to three American college graduates-Anna, Christopher, and Sarah. Later, we continued the discussion with Anna Brown, a graduate employment consultant. To begin with, we asked each of the students how they feel about being at the finish line of their studies.

No jobs after college and other fears of graduates

“I’m panicking! My family is middle-class, so we barely made ends meet to pay for my education. For the past few years, I have been working part-time as a waitress to help my parents and was using homework and essay writing services. Now, when I get the long-awaited diploma, I intend to get a full-time job in the specialty. In parallel with the preparation for the exams, I look through the vacancies of companies. Why is finding a job so hard? Every day I become more and more convinced that I will get no job after college. Most employers require people who have at least two years of experience in the field. How do you get the same work experience when you do not get a chance to get it?” – Anna stated

“Every night, my father lectures me about how difficult it is to find a job for a graduate. ‘You graduated cum laude? So did everyone else!’, that is what he said to me last time. And he is right, even though all this panic freaks me out! I am not a hypocritical person, but in recent months, I have come to believe that I will be jobless after college! You know, I can’t find a summer job, what to say about permanent employment.” – Christopher stated

“I was so nervous about starting college a couple of years ago. Now I am graduating in two months, and I am three times more nervous! On top of that, my relatives continue to say that I will have no job after graduation. I understand that it is unlikely that I will be hired after the first interview. But the very idea of rejection drives me crazy. Fortunately, I found one of those online jobs for people with anxiety! Three days a week, I work with essay writer to practice my skills.” – Sarah stated

Find a job


Most likely, each of the graduates recognized themselves as one of our interlocutors. But how do you stop panicking and find a job after graduation? We analyzed the responses of the graduates together with Anna Brown, a graduate employment consultant.

“Of course, the state of these students can be described as graduation anxiety, one of the most popular research topics. They are entering a new stage of life! They will have to take responsibility for themselves and their actions, as well as fully support themselves. Also, they are finally entering adulthood, where they will have to rely solely on themselves. I conduct a large number of consultations for graduates who report signs of anxiety. Many of them need to help their family financially, so they are doubly worried about the possible lack of work after college. Besides, they are under great pressure from society. It applies to both family members and people from outside. On social networks like Instagram, people are increasingly seeing the perfect picture. There are successful businessmen, who are not yet 20 years old, and popular bloggers, who earn millions in a month. By 11 a.m., their stories are already full of lists of things that they managed to do while you were finishing your cup of coffee. Jokes are jokes, but it has a strong effect on the state of students.” – Anna Brown stated

To help current and future graduates, together with Anna Brown, we have prepared a list of 5 tips on how to overcome panic and set yourself up for success.

How to beat post-graduation anxiety?

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1.   Be self-confident

Many graduates believe that they do not have the necessary skills and abilities for the desired job. That is not true! You are graduating from college, which means that you at least know your specialty. Even though most companies require experienced employees, you can always tip the scales in your favor. Emphasize your strengths. Do not focus the employer’s attention on the fact that you have not worked anywhere. Prove to him why he will benefit from hiring you!

2.   Work through your resume

Of course, the employer will pay attention to the fact that you do not have any text in the work experience column. But internships, courses, and freelancing are also an experience! Tell us in your resume about evening programming school, exchange studies in London, part-time work in a cafe, and so on.

3.   Carefully study the requirements for the job

Any HR will confirm to you that he can not stand to receive responses to a vacancy that fundamentally does not meet the stated criteria. Respect your own and other people’s time! Get acquainted with the requirements for the applicant, read the history of the company and study its field of activity. Such attention to detail is not only necessary but also helpful. Increased interest in the company will put you in a favorable light in front of the employer.

4.   Practice your interview with your parents or friends

Everything happens for the first time! To prepare yourself for a job interview, you can practice at home. On the Internet, you can easily find a sample list of questions usually asked by HR. Even if you do not get any of the rehearsed questions in the actual interview, you will be more confident in answering the others.

5.   Learn to accept rejection

Unfortunately, the perfect match between the employer and the applicant, at first sight, is quite rare. You need to accept the fact that at first, you will receive letters or calls with refusals. Do not be afraid of them! It is certainly not the best message you can get, but there is nothing wrong with it. For nine rejections, you will have one confirmation. To learn how to react calmly to them, you can ask your relatives or friends to help you. Practice rejections face-to-face, over the phone, and by mail.


“All our fears come from self-doubt. Your future success at work depends on the psychological work you do on yourself. Do not be afraid to respond to vacancies and pass interviews! Rejection is a part of our life. If you suddenly do not get the desired place in the company, do not worry! Send your resume to others and continue to search for your ideal.” – Anna Brown stated

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