How to Make a Career of a Pop Musician While Studying in College

How to make a career as a pop singer or musician while studying in college? How fast can a student become famous? Well, here are some crucial tips.

Pop music is the passion of millions of people around the world. Many first-year students dream of fame so much that they start their careers while still in college. In general, such a decision is quite wise since a young audience is a target for most musicians. So how to make a pop music career while studying in college? Here are some of the most important nuances for all beginners.

How About Getting a Music Degree?

This question is especially relevant if you dreamed of becoming a musician from early childhood. There is no reason to become a manager, accountant, or lawyer if all you want to do is sing or play musical instruments. What’s more, your music degree will allow you to learn more about the basics of songwriting and stage performance. It will surely be much easier for you to become a pop singer if you learn to sing and play the piano or guitar correctly. In addition, professors will help you learn how to structure songs correctly. And don’t forget that many of the workshops will probably be about the history of pop music and careers.

Participate in Music Activities while Studying in College

Surely you know that amateur music competitions and mini-concerts are often held in colleges. As you understand, this is your chance to stand out from the crowd and show your talents. Try to sing or play musical instruments as often as possible during student performances. The fact is that these activities are held under the patronage of music managers or people associated with the pop industry.

There is a high probability that the right people can pay attention to you and you’ll get a profitable offer. At this stage, you should fully concentrate on honing your skills. There is no shame in delegating some tricky assignments being a college student. Find a good writing service and type support agents something like, “I want to pay someone to do homework.” This step will help you reduce your stress levels and focus on your musical activities.

Use College Music Equipment to Record Demo Tracks

Almost every college has musical equipment that is ideal for recording. The fact is that most social activities are not complete without microphones, mixing consoles, and any devices for sound recording. You can record your tracks and send them to music managers and labels if you access such equipment. This life hack is especially relevant for those who do not have the opportunity to buy or rent musical instruments, microphones, and gear sets. Overall, you can save thousands of dollars on every demo track.

Participate in TV Shows and Competitions

Many colleges are frequently switching to remote learning due to the pandemic. This fact is your chance to start a musical career. Many TV channels organize shows like American Idol, where any talented person can become famous. If you do not have to go to college often, you will have enough time to pass the casting and participate in some shows. The main plus is that you only need your talent and a little perseverance. Many charismatic pop musicians have become known to America’s Got Talent and other shows. As you can see, you have a chance to achieve your goal without an expensive PR campaign and connections in the music industry.

Create Music Videos With Friends on Campus

Nobody forbids you to promote your career through Instagram, Tik Tok, and other social networks. That is why you should grow your fan base and create original content. Start by recording short, fun music videos with your friends. Surely you will have a couple of minutes before the seminar. The Instagram audience loves video content related to music and dance, so you have a chance to become popular. Sing, dance, and do tricks in an unusual setting to become popular.

Take a Gap Year

Sometimes the educational process takes too much time, and talented musicians can’t concentrate on anything other than assignments and exams. In this case, you can take drastic steps and take a gap year. With enough free time to build a career, you can participate in long-term television projects, auditions, and other musical activities. As you understand, such a decision is much more rational than being a college dropout.


A musical career is the dream of many people around the world. Luckily, you can achieve your college ambitions if you follow all the steps above. Try to balance the educational process and your future musical career. Surely you will achieve your goal if you have a natural talent and are ready to fight no matter what.

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