How to Create an Instagram Story GIF

Wondering how to create an Instagram story GIF that gets a lot of love on social media? Explore helpful tips, tricks, and insights. Are you looking for a new way to interact with your audience on Instagram? If so, then you’ll love creating Instagram stories with a GIF. This is a great way for small business owners to showcase special discounts and more.

But there’s a ton more you can do with it besides text and photos. Instagram added a new feature that allows you to create GIFs from your stories. Don’t miss out on the chance to get your message and brand seen by more people. Read further to find out how you can use an Instagram story GIF to market your business! Let’s begin!

Choose and Determine a Focus

Creating an Instagram GIF should be specific and unique depending on the purpose. For instance, if it’s meant to promote a blog post, then maybe the title should be the focus or an image relating to the post.

Additionally, you should consider what type of response you would like your viewers to take away from watching the story. Further, this focus should be cohesive with the overall content that you plan to post.

After selecting the focus, be sure that the story you create must remain consistent in tone. It should also embody the message that you hope to express. With a clear focus, the story you create can have a lasting impact on your viewers.

Gather and Select Content

To do this, gather images or videos that are interesting and have any style that you wish to convey. Additionally, any text or caption to go with the GIF should be taken into consideration.

Avoid using copyrighted content without permission, as this can lead to legal issues. In addition, make sure to consider the colors, layout, and message you want to convey. Once the content is selected and in place, it’s time to create the GIF.

Use an Editing Software

Creating social media GIFs using editing software is an easy process with many useful tools. All you have to do is upload the desired photos onto the program. Once uploaded, you can trim, crop, and arrange them in whatever shape or form you desire.

From there, choose the number of seconds the GIF will play, as well as the speed and transition effects for each photo. Now it’s time to add fun and creative graphics, such as text, stickers, emojis, and other images.

To finish off your GIF, pull up the color palette and customize the overall look while maintaining the desired theme of your story. Lastly, export your creation as an MP4 to GIF for free and upload it to your Instagram story.

Apply Animation Effects

To start, select a background image or a combination of images as a canvas. Upload these to Instagram and make them into a single story. Once this is done, layer several text boxes and images over this background.

Once done, you can reorder them to create an animation sequence. After that, it’s time to apply animation effects. Finally, make sure to utilize Instagram’s different filters and color correction features to enhance the look and feel of the animated GIF.

Tips and Tricks for Creating Instagram Story GIF

With the help of Instagram stories, brands can take their content to the next level. They can create GIFs to make stories more engaging and add finesse to the overall presentation. Having the right tools can help anyone create an Instagram story GIF. Create one today and make your story stand out among the rest!

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