How to Be More Focused

Are you constantly distracted and have a hard time focusing on what you’re trying to do? It can be difficult to accomplish much of anything if you’re having trouble staying focused on a single task. This current generation is full of people who have difficulty focusing and while there are a lot of reasons for that, some of which cannot be solved with a simple how-to guide, there are some changes you can make to stay more focused on what you’re trying to do.

Control Addictions

One of the biggest hindrances to focus is addiction of any kind. Whether you’re addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, your cell phone, or video games, you will be frequently thinking about those things when you’re trying to do something else. As you try to study for a test, you may be thinking about a video game you want to play or craving a cigarette. As you’re talking to your significant other, your mind may be unfocused and wandering to your addiction.

While it is rarely simple to overcome an addiction, working toward that victory will be incredibly helpful in improving your focus. If you’re someone who cannot accomplish much because of a lack of focus, then you need to consider any addictions in your life and work towards getting rid of them.

The first step to overcoming addiction is determining to beat it. From there, the method you use may vary based on how serious the addiction is and what kind of addiction it is. You will definitely want to get rid of any easy access to what you are addicted to, by tossing out paraphernalia, selling your games, deleting your porn folders, or whatever else it is that you keep close by that feeds your addiction. You will also want to seek out help, talk to an addiction counselor, tell friends, and build up support around yourself so that you’re not fighting the battle on your own.

Reduce Clutter

There are things much less serious than addiction that can cause you to lose focus. If your home or workspace is cluttered, you may have trouble focusing on what you are trying to do. Even people who don’t mind some disorganization in their life will be distracted by the clutter around them. Try tidying up and keeping a clean home and work area and see if it doesn’t improve your focus.

You may not always have time to clean your home, but you can still keep it decluttered and clean by using cleaning services in Seattle or wherever you live. By having your home regularly cleaned, you will give your mind less to be distracted by and make it easier to stay focused on what you’re trying to do.

Make a List of Things to Do

You may have trouble being focused because you simply don’t have a mental picture of the order you should do things or even an idea of what needs to be done. When you make lists of things you have to do, that keeps you more organized. As you stay organized, you will be more focused. Making lists keeps you on task and makes you less likely to wander off to something else.

You should start your day by making a list of all the things you have to do for that day. You can even write down very small things like straightening your desk, sending an e-mail, making a call, etcetera. Then, cross off each of these things as you get them done. That feeling of accomplishment as well as working through the list will help you to stay on task and be more focused. The most focused and accomplished people are those who are very organized, and they typically make lots of lists, usually one for every day. You can make a to-do list before you go to bed each night as well so that you’ll wake up with a list to work from so you don’t get sidetracked early on.

Take Regular Breaks

You can start to lose focus if you’re working on the same thing for too long. It’s important to take breaks as needed but don’t take too many breaks. Taking long or frequent breaks can keep you from accomplishing very much and make it hard to get back on task. Instead, plan outbreaks every hour or half hour but only take short breaks – no more than five or 10 minutes long. This will help you get more done and not feel burned out as easily. You can stay more focused and not worry so much about your mind wandering. Your mind will be more alert and energized, so you shouldn’t have as much trouble keeping focused.

Eliminate Distractions

What is it that distracts you throughout the day and gets your attention off of what you’re trying to do? For most people, it’s cell phone notifications. They get messages constantly, and that constantly distracts them. If you’re trying to stay focused, you need to get rid of the distractions around you, and one of the best ways to do that is to mute notifications during your work period. You can also set your status on social media and on your phone to “do not disturb” or something similar. Experts say that cell phones are making us less focused overall, so consider cutting down on cell phone use to help.

What other distractions are there around you? Maybe there’s music, noises, conversation, or other things that make it really hard for you to concentrate. You can try working with headphones in and playing music that keeps you focused. You can also use earplugs to block out unwelcome sounds. Try going to a quiet space to do your work, away from visual and audio stimuli. Even smells can be distracting, so it may be necessary to empty the trash, use an air freshener in your workspace, or open windows for ventilation.

If you put some of these tips to good use, you should be able to get more done and stay focused on the task at hand.

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