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henrikz & THOBY release an emotional dance single, entitled, “Brokenhearted,” featuring Nick&Dré

henrikz is an upcoming EDM producer, writer, and remixer based in Jylland, Denmark. THOBY is a Danish DJ/producer. Not too long ago, they released an emotional dance single, titled, “Brokenhearted,” featuring Nick&Dré via the new UMG-owned electro-label, WRLDS Records.

henrikz & THOBY – “Brokenhearted” single ft. Nick&Dré

“Thoby’s dynamic slaphouse bass just pumps out good feelings. That, merged with my dance-pop synths, just complements each other so well. Only then, people will get that split feeling of ‘Do I want to dance, or do I need to cry?’ So, ‘Brokenhearted’ is kind of a guilty pleasure or cure. Hopefully, people can either relate or vibe in the club. It’s kind of funny when you don’t know whether to cry or to dance.” – henrikz stated

‘Brokenhearted’ contains a post-breakup narrative, sorrowful lyrics, and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of waybackwhen, CRASKIN, and BENNA. The likable, crying-in-the-club single possess energetic bass rhythms and jamming house-inspired instrumentation flavored with slaphouse , electro-pop, EDM, and soft dance-pop elements.

With Nick&Dré as the co-writers, “Brokenhearted” is another great example of how much a groovy, driving henrikz-beat means, when touching on intimate, emotional topics in the lyrics. The beat is almost a way of coping with the lyrics. Even so, the sad poetics unquestionably doesn’t stand in the way of the openly dance-inducing beat. Maybe this could be the cure for a broken heart.

“Brokenhearted” single featuring Nick&Dré

henrikz & THOBY - “Brokenhearted” cover art

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