Helaine Vis press photo
Photo by Risa Matsubayashi

Helaine Vis releases a sweet lyric visualizer for her “No Sugar” single

Helaine Vis (@helainevismusic) is a Polish singer-songwriter living and creating music in Berlin, Germany. Not too long ago, she released a sweet lyric visualizer for her “No Sugar” single via Springstoff.

Helaine Vis – “No Sugar” lyric video

“The song is referring to the saying we have in Poland. When it’s raining outside and you struggle to get out, your mom would always tell you, ‘You’re not made of sugar, you won’t melt.’ This metaphor came to my mind, of walking in the rain of troubles and problems and going through some hard times, but staying strong and surviving all cause ‘I’m not made of sugar.’ And as much as the real and metaphorical rain can be inconvenient and unpleasant, we go through it.

It’s one of those songs I wrote trying to comfort myself that despite the odds, I’m still moving forward. I stumble and wander, but in the end, I manage, and I don’t melt in this rain of problems, because I’m not made of sugar.” – Helaine Vis explained

‘No Sugar’ exudes self-assurance with its laid-back flow and empowering lyrics, emphasizing the importance of resilience, and standing up for oneself. The self-respect that Helaine Vis has earned is contagious. In the line, ‘I might wave in the wind but I’m strong in the core,’ Helaine recalls that despite moments of instability or apparent weakness, her inner strength remains unwavering.

Helaine Vis – “No Sugar”

Helaine Vis press photo
Photo by Risa Matsubayashi

“Vis is Latin for strength. I called myself that when I didn’t feel strong at all, but it became my motivation. Year after year, I feel that I have earned this nickname.

Musically, I was inspired by the Berlin underground music scene. I started going to hip-hop jam sessions and wrote this song fantasizing about one of them performing on stage. This city is teeming with music, it is saturated with it to the core. You can get lost in it and never come back. The second verse focuses on fighting for oneself in love. After a toxic relationship I got into, I thought, ‘My heart is too big for this relationsh*t.’ I am, choosing myself. Because even though I sometimes forget about it, I love myself and I know that I deserve good treatment, and although it is hard to make a decision to end the relationship, I will gather my strength and leave, I will fight for my own happiness.” – Helaine Vis explained

Helaine Vis blends smooth, soulful vocals with groovy beats inspired by ‘90s and early 2000 hip-hop and R&B. Sometime this year, she plans on releasing her second album, “These Little Games We’re Playing,” which combines intimate and empowering elements in a blend of neo-soul and trip-hop.

Helaine Vis – “No Sugar” single

Helaine Vis - No Sugar cover

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