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Uncover the Off-Kilter Groove of Harrison Brome and Pomo’s “Stars At Midnight” Single

Harrison Brome (@harrisonbrome) is a Vancouver-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Pomo (@pomobeats) is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and producer, who makes electronic music influenced by hip-hop, house, and ‘70s and ‘80s funk music. Not too long ago, they released a mesmeric alternative-pop single, “Stars At Midnight,” via Nettwerk.

Harrison Brome & Pomo – “Stars At Midnight” single

“‘Stars At Midnight’ walks you through a story of heartbreak and an endless want for a connection that has faded away. I wanted to capture some moments we’ve all likely encountered in a relationship, emotional and physical separation, wishing you could turn back time, and holding onto something that might no longer be there. It tells a story of lost love and the want to find the light that used to shine brightly between two people.” – Harrison Brome explained

“Stars At Midnight” serves as a beacon, illuminating a new chapter in Brome’s musical journey. The track’s off-kilter groove, anchored by a head-nodding bass line, sets the stage for Brome’s introspective lyrics as he laments the fading embers of a relationship, singing, “I’m losing my mind. Think about the things I’d do to turn the time back we had together. I’m trying to find out what is left of me and you.”

“Stars At Midnight” will be featured on Harrison Brome’s upcoming EP, available on January 26, 2024. Brome teased the EP with the singles “In The Dark” and “Close To Me,” which showcased his versatility.

Harrison Brome & Pomo at The Warehouse Studio

Harrison Brome & Pomo - “Stars At Midnight” session photo at The Warehouse Studio

“I started working on this one with Pomo at his studio in Vancouver. ‘Stars At Midnight’ was another one of those songs that kinda sat there for a bit until we felt really inspired to turn it into something new. The song took a completely different direction and our inspirations at the time really shined through the song, and I’m very happy with how this one turned out.” – Harrison Brome explained

Reflecting on the creation of his forthcoming project, Brome said, “For this record, I wanted to tie everything together with an upfront vocal. It’s less about cohesive storytelling and more about my delivery and what I’m projecting.”

With the help of long-time collaborator Pomo, Harrison showcases his ability to seamlessly blend varying musical genres and elements into a living and breathing soundscape.

“Anything I make is authentic to who I am,” he stated. “With this project, in particular, I have been able to let go and be myself. I’m giving people the Harrison that I haven’t been for a long time.”

Harrison Brome & Pomo – “Stars At Midnight” single

Harrison Brome & Pomo - “Stars At Midnight” cover art

Harrison Brome is known for his eclectic fusion of pop, alternative, indie, R&B, and electronic genres. To date, he has amassed tens of millions of streams and garnered praise from notable media outlets and fans alike.

Brome buzzed into the conversation in 2016 with his debut “Fill Your Brains” EP. His 2018’s “Body High” EP maintained the positive momentum. “Body High” reeled in 11.4 million Spotify streams. With this success, Brome touched down in South Korea and Japan for packed shows and shared stages with Graves, PYRMDPLAZA, and frequent collaborator Pomo. He captivated fans with the “No More Love Songs” EP and “Strange” EP in between showstopping festival appearances at Osheaga Festival, Bumbershoot, The Great Escape, and Electric Forest, to name a few. Working out of various Vancouver studios, he pieced together what would become “Stars At Midnight.”

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