Hanne Mjøen - I Never Told You press photo
Photo by Fabian Fjeldvik

Hanne Mjøen releases a delightful electro-pop single, entitled, “I Never Told You”

Hanne Mjøen is a rising singer-songwriter from Oppdal, Norway. Not too long ago, she released a delightful electro-pop single, entitled, “I Never Told You.”

Hanne Mjøen – “I Never Told You” single

“There are so many things you never tell and keep inside, hiding hard feelings to seem stronger than you are. This song is about not wanting people to see you in your weak and darker moments, but also acknowledging them. I don’t want to burden you with my shade, and I won’t let you carry me, cause what if you can’t take it? What if this destroys your image of me, and you start to pity me? I don’t want that. I wrote this song thinking of my mom and all the things I never tell her, ‘cause I want to be the strong and independent person she sees me as.” – Hanne Mjøen explained

‘I Never Told You’ takes listeners on an exploration of emotional tribulations, while showing strength in concealment. The blissful single contains a compelling narrative and euphoric vocals that showcase Hanne Mjøen’s comprehensive sound. Also, “I Never Told You” possesses thudding drums, ascending synthesizers, and guitar-laden instrumentation shaded with electro and alternative pop elements. Furthermore, the song has received media support and airplay in over 25 countries worldwide, including Annie Mac and BBC Radio 1.

Hanne Mjøen

Hanne Mjøen - I Never Told You press photo
Photo by Fabian Fjeldvik

Hanne Mjøen is not your average pop queen. She creates music that makes you want to dance, with lyrics that make you want to cry. Her intoxicating sound is coated in a dark, raw edge, providing a comforting reminder that it’s ok to be flawed, while her lyrics pull the trigger for an outlet of pent-up emotions.

Mjøen is just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world. The child of a hairdresser and a salesman, she came of age in Oppdal, a small mountain village. She had never dreamt of becoming a pop star. All she wanted to do was to sing and write songs, and hopefully, have them make an emotional connection with someone out there. Pop music as a genre – with its booming choruses, spine-tingling chord progressions, and lyrics about love, longing, and betrayal – not its popularity, appealed to her.

“I Never Told You” single

Hanne Mjøen - I Never Told You song cover art

‘I Never Told You’ is Hanne Mjøen’s journey to find the strength to say it as it is. And she is taking you with her on this journey. To date, Hanne’s music has garnered over 23 million streams, receiving airplay in over 25 countries worldwide, including Annie Mac and BBC Radio 1.

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