Hälder Bright Sparks 16 artwork

Hälder & Bright Sparks release a lovely dance tune, entitled, “16”

Hälder is a beatmaker and Bright Sparks (Ash & Kimmy) is an English outfit. Not too long ago, they released “16”, a lovely dance tune and the title track from Hälder’s EP.

Hälder & Bright Sparks – “16” Vertical Music Video

“No one could hold us back, we just let it flow, we just let it roll. We knew where it was at. So, baby, can we take it back? To making out in the park, stealing your sister’s weed. First time we got in the club using our fake ID. Oh, can we turn back time? Baby, you and me get messed up every night like we are still 16.” – lyrics

‘16’ tells an interesting tale of a young guy who converses with his babe about things they did when they were 16-years-old.

Apparently, back then they were carefree, slept in the day, got high and messed up in the night, and played GTA.

Now, the guy wants to turn back the hands of time so they can enjoy being sixteen once again.  

Hälder & Bright Sparks + “16” artwork cropped

‘16’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and lush instrumentation flavored with summery-dance and electro-pop elements.

Get acquainted with Hälder’s music by streaming his four-track EP.

Hälder – “16” EP

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