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Hablot Brown releases an alternative R&B single, entitled, “Electric”

Hablot Brown is a three-piece outfit based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, they released an alternative R&B single, entitled, “Electric.”

Hablot Brown – “Electric” single

“‘Electric’ was conceived with our dear friend, Floyd Fuji, at our house on Smiley Drive when we first moved to LA in 2019. We wanted to make something more upbeat that would resonate at festivals and is also a blast to play and jam on.” – Hablot Brown explained

‘Electric’ is a song about love that is so overwhelming and all-consuming, it’s electric. The likable tune possesses groovy bass, thudding drums, and guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with a chill alternative R&B vibration. Furthermore, “Electric” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear on Hablot Brown’s upcoming debut album. The self-titled project will be available on August 8, 2022. Also, “Electric” is the most dance-centric track on the album.

“You’re nothing like the girls I knew back home.”

Hablot Brown press photo

Hablot Brown is composed of twin brothers Austin Brown (production, keys, bass, guitar) and John Brown (drums, arranging), who hail from Franklin, MA, and Linus Hablot (vocals, songwriting, keys) who grew up in Singapore. Bringing an interesting blend of vastly contrasting genres, the band borrows musical influences spanning from The Bee Gees to Crosby Still & Nash to ‘80s pop artists like Tears For Fears.

Standing out as a band within a genre predominately made up of solo artists, Hablot Brown prides itself on its individuality, using it to its advantage in creating a truly unique aura. Austin, the business-minded one of the group, consistently takes ideas to their maximum potential, finding ways to weave business into whatever is happening musically. A natural-born entrepreneur, Austin will always find opportunity in everything. Linus, the visionary and wordsmith, always thinking of the message they’re putting out. He loves bringing ideas to the band and getting everyone on the same wavelength. John has always been the band’s collective tether back to reality. While Austin and Linus have a tendency to float off, John is there pulling them back to earth and reminding them of the big picture—making music together.

Hablot Brown

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The band’s debut self-titled album introduces a new style of creativity that involves understanding what each of them likes independently and showcases their first time recording their music entirely live. This album follows Hablot Brown’s three successful EPs that have collectively accumulated millions of streams.

Brown’s debut single, “Wait For Me,” was added to Spotify’s Monday Spin playlist. Their previous releases have landed major playlist support such as the cover of Fresh Finds, and additions to Spotify’s Global Viral 50, Alternative R&B, Anti-Pop, and many more.

“Electric” single

Hablot Brown - “Electric” song cover art

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