H3rizon - “One More Christmas” press photo

H3rizon releases a sparkling music video for their “One More Christmas” single

H3rizon is an Australia-based trio consisting of Bernadette Marquez (Bernie), Tiara Nyuzo, and Gabrielle Montalbo (Gabby). Not too long ago, they released a sparkling music video for their “One More Christmas” single. The video is a celebration of all the good things that the festive season can bring – and overcoming hardships along the way.

H3rizon – “One More Christmas” music video

“The video clip is based on a lot of Christmas nostalgia. Being reminiscent of the past and being grateful for the memories you and your family and friends shared over the years during Christmas. In the video, we all have a certain story with our characters and the bittersweet moments in the lives they lived. We worked really closely with the production team to be able to bring certain vulnerabilities to the storyline and really bring it to life.” – H3rizon explained

‘One More Christmas’ is about longing for that special someone during the holidays. The brand-new Christmas classic contains a poignant, yet joyful narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, and Destiny’s Child. Also, “One More Christmas” possesses bubbly instrumentation flavored with Adult Contemporary and R&B-influenced elements. Furthermore, the song follows on the heel of H3rizon’s “Serious” and “Mania” singles. Both tunes have exploded online—racking up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views.


H3rizon - “One More Christmas” press photo

“The incredible inspiration behind this song is our songwriter Raquelle Gracie’s bittersweet story about her late father. She shared with us that her dad passed away a few years back. And that she wrote this song thinking of all the things that reminded her of him at Christmas. And just as we’d love to connect with someone we missed but couldn’t be with, she’d want one more Christmas with him. We have so much respect for her penmanship and we’re so honored to be able to deliver her story within this song.” – H3rizon explained

H3rizon takes inspiration from their idols, Mariah Carey and Donny Hathaway. So far, they have amassed nearly two million followers on TikTok, and plan on continuing their upward climb – one harmonized whistle tone at a time.

“One More Christmas” single

H3rizon - “One More Christmas” song cover art

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