The Great Escape + "Universe in Bloom"

The Great Escape performs their “All You Got Is Gold” single live in Venice Beach

The Great Escape is a three-piece band from Venice, CA. Not too long ago, they performed an acoustic version of their “All You Got Is Gold” single live in Venice Beach, California.

The Great Escape – “All You Got Is Gold”

“Let me go where the wild things grow. Let us go where time runs slow. To the fields that brought you here. From the heels that walked through fear. Everything you got is gold” – lyrics

‘All You Got Is Gold (Acoustic)’ is a tasty treat. The song contains a dreamy storyline, soft vocals, and a stripped-down instrumentation. 

The original version is featured on The Great Escape’s “Universe in Bloom” album. Since being released in 2017, the viral tune has been featured in the first season of the popular Netflix series, “The Haunting Of Hill House”. Also, it has popped up on various alternative charts from Chile, Hong Kong, to the US Top 200.

The Great Escape


The Great Escape is currently working on their upcoming third full-length album. In the meantime, check out their “Universe in Bloom” project and let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

“Universe in Bloom”

We recommend adding The Great Escape’s “All You Got Is Gold” single to your personal playlist.

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