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Great American Pure Flix premieres all-new episodes of “Destination Heaven” TV Mini-Series

Great American Pure Flix, America’s top streaming destination for faith and family content, is set to premiere all-new episodes of the Original Series, “Destination Heaven,” starring critically acclaimed actor, Harry Lennix (currently starring as August Wilson in “How I Learned What I Learned,” a largely autobiographical work of the legendary playwright famous for his towering canon, Century Cycle). Summertime is here and Great American Pure Flix is proud to bring families together to watch TV.

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Episode 4 – “Scenes from A Marriage,” stars Harry Lennix, Carrie Wampler, and Brian Molina on Thursday, June 6, at 8 p.m. ET.

Danica Rossi (Wampler, Strong Fathers/Strong Daughters) is a bundle of nerves as she prepares for the wedding and imagines married life. Her future married life flashes before her eyes in a string of mishaps and heartaches remembering her father dying early and leaving her mother alone. While questioning if she should get married at all, God (Lennix) offers new ways of looking at marriage and commitment.

Episode 5 – “Into the Woods,” stars Harry Lennix and John Michael Finley on Thursday, June 13, at 8 p.m. ET

Nathan (John Michael Finley, I Can Only Imagine) is at a crossroads and takes to the backwoods to seek solace. Nathan’s privacy is invaded by a young dad and his son camping nearby. Nathan is dismayed to see the disregard the father has for his young son. We then learn the metaphor God (Lennix) has brought to Nathan – his wife is pregnant and Nathan is internalizing a lifelong fear that he will be as bad a father as the one he had growing up.

Episode 6 – “Role Praying” – FINALE EPISODE, SEASON ONE – stars Harry Lennix, Ava Torres, Kelley Davis, Zachary Colmenero, and Hero Hunter on Thursday, June 20, at 8 p.m. ET.

When Ben (Zachary Colmenero, “KiDs Beach Club”) shares with his gaming friends, Aidan (Hero Hunter, “Young Dylan”) and Cassie (Ava Torres, Moonrise) that his parents are divorcing, one friend tells him to pray. Ben does and is floored to find himself in his favorite place, inside his mythical game with God as his teacher. God shows the kids how to suit up every day in an armor greater than each could have ever imagined. Having seen the power of prayer work in her son, Ben’s mother (Kelley Davis, “Cobra Kai”) turns to God for help.


Starring Rebecca Dalton, Christa Taylor Brown, and Jesse Hutch, “Dream Wedding” is a Great American Pure Flix presentation.

Sisters Kate (Rebecca Dalton) and Megan (Christa Taylor Brown) attend their local wedding fair. When Kate unexpectedly wins, Megan convinces Kate to share some of the gifts, a few of which require Kate to find a temporary “fiancé (Hutch).


Starring Jessica Lowndes and Jesse Hutch, “Harmony from the Hewart” is a Great American Pure Flix presentation.

A music therapist (Lowndes) and an established physician (Metcalfe) initially clash over the care of a shared patient. But as Valentine’s Day approaches, they find music is a powerful emotional connection.


Starring Galadriel Stineman and Kevin Joy, “Plus One at an Amish Wedding” is a Great American Pure Flix, beginning Thursday, June 20th.

April Monroe (Stineman) is an up-and-coming star physician in New York and is head over heels for a charming veterinarian, Jesse (Joy). Jesse gifts April with a trip to Paris for their anniversary but their plans change when Jesse who has never said much about his family is invited to his brother’s wedding. Jesse brings April to Amish country to face the family he left behind, especially a mother who is not fond of “Englishers.”


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Starring Lacey Chabert, Jonathan Patrick Moore, Saidah Arrika Ekulona, and Corbin Bernsen, “Christian Mingle” begins on Thursday, June 20th.

Marketing executive Gwyneth (Chabert) tries to find Mr. Right through a Christian dating service. When her plans go awry, Gwyneth opens her heart to more spiritual pursuits and accidentally finds Paul Wood (Moore), who is looking for someone just like her.

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