GILSKA - “Overthinking” press photo

Experience GILSKA’s Captivating New Dance Single, “Overthinking”

GILSKA (@gilskamusic) is a rising London-based singer-songwriter from  Sri Lanka. Not too long ago, she released a blissful EDM/dance single, “Overthinking.”

GILSKA – “Overthinking” single

“You talk to me like you’re always trying to help. Tell me to trust boy, I don’t even trust myself. You don’t even get what I mean when I take things as bad as can be. You know that I’ll never believe any promise, least I’m honest. Late in the night when I’m by your side, I’m overthinking.” – lyrics

“Overthinking” is another addition to GILSKA’s growing catalog. The song showcases the danceable electronic soundscapes topped with vibrant pop melodies that have seen her gain notable media coverage across tastemaker press and played on BBC Radio Asian Network. GILSKA sings passionately, “One little doubt and my whole world starts to end. Two-hour calls just to bring me back again.”

Built around swelling synths and deep sub-bass, the track opens with an atmospheric electronic backdrop under GILSKA’s silky smooth vocal tone and relatable, heartfelt lyricism. As the track gradually grows, the vocals soar into the chorus before introducing a tight four to the floor and pulsing synth bass into the second verse. Continuing its build, the beats gradually add elements growing into an infectiously danceable final chorus.

“I shut my eyes and my mind runs wild.”

GILSKA - “Overthinking” press photo

“‘Overthinking’ brings you into the mind of an overthinker entering a new relationship. Filled with anxiety and a million thoughts it can be super difficult to trust, especially after being burnt in previous relationships. It’s a dark dance track that you can dance away your sorrows to.” – GILSKA explained

Starting with classical training before finding her niche in electronic pop, GILSKA’s artistry has evolved into a soulful and hypnotic musical experience, rooted in dance undertones and infectious pop melodies.

GILSKA’s talent for pulling listeners into her intricate sonic world has seen her grow as an artist and build widespread support. With several high-profile performances under her belt including at the Wembley Stadium for Voice in a Million, GILSKA has built a reputation as one to watch and a future star.

GILSKA – “Overthinking” single

GILSKA - “Overthinking” cover art

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