Geron Hoy

Geron Hoy releases a lovely indie-rock tune, entitled, “New Things”

Geron Hoy is a singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. Not too long ago, he released a lovely indie-rock tune, entitled, “New Things”.

Geron Hoy – “New things”

“I’m just so tired of the running around. That’s why I’m driving faster with my windows down. Driving faster with my windows down singing I’m looking for new things. I’m tired of the same things. My heart it keeps breaking. That’s why I’m on my way looking for new things.” – lyrics

‘New Things’ tells an adventurous tale of an exploratory guy who wants to get away. Therefore, he leaves his home and everything he loves behind, and trailblazes a new path towards a brand-new environment that’s thousands of miles away.

‘New Things’ contains a daring narrative, alluring vocals, and a charismatic instrumentation perfumed with the scent of the outdoors.

Geron Hoy

Geron Hoy

“I wrote this song from the perspective of being behind the wheel of a car headed out to a new beginning. For me it’s the quintessential driving song. Moving from place to place is something I am very familiar with and that feeling can be addictive—to have a new start, leaving the past behind you.” – Geron Hoy

Geron Hoy appeared on the music scene with his 2011 solo debut album, entitled, “Soldier”. The project features the songs “Lady Crow”, winner of the 2011 Grammy Association Pitchathon, and “Gracie”, selected by Starbucks to play on rotation in its 7,000+ stores worldwide.

We recommend adding Geron Hoy’s “New Things” single to your personal playlist.

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