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Georgia Lines releases a lovely music video for her “No One Knows” single

Georgia Lines is a rising singer-songwriter based in Tauranga, New Zealand. Not too long ago, she released a lovely music video for her “No One Knows” single, co-written and produced by the award-winning, Djeisan Suskov (BENEE, Matthew Young, Mitch James, LEISURE).

Georgia Lines – “No One Knows” music video

“This is a beautiful song. It has the trait that exists in all pop greats: it is happy and sad at the same time. You aren’t sure whether you want to dance around your bedroom or lie on your bed and stare at the ceiling. It is subtle and gentle and quiet – a stand out from the loudness and blare of the current pop landscape. It’s important, then, that we make a video that distills this emotion. We don’t want to play against these energies – the video should feel the same as the song. The two should be a perfect match. The picture that inspired the concept (on the first slide) is such a match – it feels the same as the song.

We don’t need to question why, it’s just a truth: they’re a match. An old ‘90s TV nestled in carpet, with Georgia’s face out of frame but present on the TV. It feels both close and far away – you’re there but you aren’t there; something is in the way. No matter how close you get, you cannot touch or feel or breakthrough. There’s a dream-like quality to it: real, surreal, and hyper-real all at once. Or, as my producer put it, hard and soft at the same time. To flesh this out into a 3-minute video idea is to explore these ideas. Close and far away. Distant and present. Real and surreal. Hard and soft. Happy and sad.” –Alexander Gandar explained

Georgia Lines

Georgia Lines press photo with a blue background holding yellow flowers
Photo by Holly Sarah Burgess

“When I first listened to the song, I heard the quality that all great pop bangers have – a knife-edge tension between elation and despair. You don’t know whether to cry or dance, so you do both. For me, sadness and silliness are only ever a heartbeat away from each other in the emotional spectrum, so I wanted the video to exist in the same space, a strange melancholia punctuated by bursts of sad clown dancing. My long-time visual collaborator Chelsea Jade (the N.Z. / U.S. multi-talented pop titan) came on board as our choreographer, and she and Georgia instantly clicked. And over a few intense rehearsals, they devised this beautifully weird routine that I love. Georgia told us she’d never really danced before. I’m not sure I believe her.” –Alexander Gandar explained

‘No One Knows’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocalization, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of Imogen Heap, Emily King, and Haim. The heartwarming tune possesses groovy instrumentation flavored with a sophisticated indie-R&B and contemporary pop vibration. Furthermore, “No One Knows” follows the 2020 release of Georgia’s debut self-titled EP, which contained the hit singles “My Love,” “Vacant Cities,” and “Never Had Love.” Despite the challenges of releasing a record in a pandemic, the EP went on to be streamed more than 1.5 million times on Spotify. Also, the project drew a legion of new fans to Georgia’s impressive ability to create a catchy melody and tell stories that express the complexity of humanness in an uplifting way.

Georgia Lines

Georgia Lines press photo outside wearing a red designed outfit

“‘No One Knows’ is a song that carries many meanings for me. If I were to boil it down, I would say it is a song about expectations, about people-pleasing, and feeling tired of doing things because that’s what I feel is expected; or because that is the way it’s always been. It’s about looking and longing for the truth amongst the noise and about finding clarity in the murky waters.” – Georgia Lines explained

Georgia Lines is one of New Zealand’s most promising new solo artists. She is drawn to collaboration and the stories of human existence that unite us all. With each release, she manages to showcase her ever-evolving craft and creative palette. The artist-to-watch fills spaces with her soulful, dream-like vocals, and distinctive feel-good R&B-sprinkled pop. Also, she weaves together stories that express the complexity of humanness in an uplifting way. This is why her music resonates well with so many listeners. Her story has only just begun. Therefore, expect more music and live dates in Summer 2021.

“No One Knows” single

Georgia Lines - “No One Knows” song cover art
Photo by Holly Sarah Burgess

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