Genia - “Introducing” press photo
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Genia releases a visually appealing music video for her debut single, entitled, “Introducing”

Genia is a talented singer-songwriter from The Ville. Not too long ago, she released a visually appealing music video for her debut single, titled, “Introducing,” via Def Jam Recordings. The video was directed by Genia.

Genia – “Introducing” music video

“Feeling like the hero of my city, he say that he f****** with me. I’m a boss and plus I’m pretty (yeh). I can see the snakes and feel the envy. Every time I start to win they start to change their energy (yeh). But f*** it, Ima keep going, if I had a weakness they would never know, I don’t show it. It’s a lonely road to the top when true colors showing. But I question every move I make before I keep going. Looking in the mirror, see my future and I’m that b*tch. Conversations with my mom like, ‘Momma, we gone be rich.’ But first, I gotta make it through the wilderness. Already got a hit list and once I start shooting bet I don’t miss.” – lyrics

‘Introducing’ tells a heartfelt tale about a small-town girl who has big dreams of becoming rich and successful. Apparently, her past is something she can’t change, but the present is a gift—the gateway to her future. Also, she rather be respected than loved. With an optimistic outlook on life, she admits, “It gets lonely on the way to the top, everyone I knew started falling off. But I thank God for every single loss because even in the dark, I can see the light beyond.”

‘Introducing’ contains a come-up narrative with issues of trust, tuneful melodies, and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Beyoncé, H.E.R., and Jazmine Sullivan. The emotive tune possesses thudding drums and soulful horn-laden instrumentation flavored with contemporary R&B, hip-hop, and neo-soul elements. Furthermore, “Introducing” is the perfect introduction for a promising artist who has an extremely bright future ahead.

“This just the beginning but I’d like to introduce me.”

Genia press photo

“I would like to introduce me, Genia. I cannot believe this dream has finally come true! Being able to represent The Ville and drop my first official song for the world to hear. Thank you to my family, team, and everyone who helped me get here and most importantly, God. I hope you all enjoy; this is only the beginning!! Stay blessed.” – Genia stated

So far, “Introducing” has blasted its way to #1 on SoundCloud’s New & Hot: R&B chart. Also, it boasts 116k streams, 2,300+ likes, over 200 reposts, and nearly 100 comments in its first week. Furthermore, “Introducing” is the title track of Genia’s five-track EP, which includes a sped-up version of Introducing, a slowed-down version, the instrumental, and an A Capella version.

Genia – “Introducing” EP

Genia - “Introducing” EP cover

“He just wanna live life with me, he just wanna take time from me. He wanna be the one with the key to my heart. It can be really tricky when I don’t know who got that real love for me. Wherever I go, my past knocking at the door begging for me to hold on.” – lyrics

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