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GaKnew Roxwel releases a soulful hip-hop tune, entitled, “Child Witness”

GaKnew Roxwel (pronounced Gnu Rocks Well) is a multifaceted artist, author, and producer from Compton, California. Not too long ago, he released a soulful hip-hop tune, entitled, “Child Witness”.

GaKnew Roxwel – “Child Witness” single

“Living on Colden and Hoover, had to learn to maneuver. Home alone after school watching G.I. Joe. Heard poppin’ outside. Mind wandered through the sheets on the window. What could it be? Swat hit the back fence like it’s TV. Big homie at the door yellin’, ‘Let me in!’ Fire flash with a bang from his gun in hand. Stop, drop, and roll beneath the table. Coverin’ my dome like an earthquake drill. Be bedtime before moms got home. Once the gunshots stopped it’s like the night stood still.” – lyrics

‘Child Witness’ tells a heartfelt tale of an eight-year-old boy who grew up in a troublesome environment where broken brick walls divided neighbors’ apartments.

Apparently, he and his family had to move around often whenever the surrounding wasn’t conducive to his wellbeing.

Later, he admits that he shared a room with his mother and witnessed a lot of violence.

GaKnew Roxwel – “It Was 1994” EP

GaKnew Roxwel - “It Was 1992” cover

“‘Child Witness’ is about the common practice of traumatic childhood events going unaddressed, and how it can be detrimental to a person’s psyche.” –  GaKnew Roxwel

Aside from being an artist, GaKnew Roxwel is also a case manager for foster youth who are on probation. The social work bubbles in the thought-provoking tunes that Roxwel creates.

Recently, he appeared in the HBO documentary, “Foster”, helping a foster youth deal with trauma by finding his voice as an emcee.

‘Child Witness’ is a byproduct of Roxwel’s work as a social worker, and the second single from his latest EP, entitled, “It Was 1994”.

Stream “It Was 1994” EP via Apple Music

“This project is cut from the cloth of the early ‘90s when hip-hop was filled with social commentary and life lessons. 1994 was a year of great hip-hop music and was also a turning point for hip-hop.” – GaKnew Roxwel

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