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Gabi Ferraté creates a music royalties calculator to determine how much artists earn from digital streaming

The music royalties calculator was created by Gabi Ferraté, a Barcelona-born, globally-based engineer and music nerd working at BMAT Music Innovators. The calculator predicts how much each artist is earning from digital music streaming.

Music Royalties Calculator

music royalties calculator - bmat

“I think that transparency and visibility are important in this particular context and always to be honest. They are key to a thriving music industry Also, from the very start, I wanted it public because I created it for fun, and I wanted other people to be able to have fun with it. I want this tool to be used by anyone, to get information, gain perspective but also just as entertainment! Hence the game addition too.” – Gabi Ferraté explained his decision to make the music royalties calculator open to the public

The music royalties calculator allows fans to easily explore how much their favorite artists earn. The calculator aims to empower artists themselves to check their pay matches with their plays. Artists can use the music royalties calculator to see if their estimated royalty stream matches up with what they’re pocketing. If what they pocket from streaming doesn’t match up, it could be that they could benefit from uploading their music to BMAT’s database.

Music Royalties Calculator

Music royalties calculator

“At the core, I enhance Spotify data with processes that I’ve improved over time and aim to keep perfecting. When I started the calculator, it was rougher and didn’t generate as close approximations as the ones it does now. I’ve combined data in many different ways and over the course of a lot of trials, and have been lucky enough to know beforehand what various musician friends actually make, I slowly understood how to improve the system to offer the best possible prediction.” – Gabi Ferraté explained

Making sure artists get what they deserve has always been at the center of global tech leaders BMAT’s mission – to facilitate seamless data operations across all music industry players. Now they’ve helped to launch this calculator which shows fans and artists how much they are earning from digital streaming.

music royalties calculator - bmat

“I’ve always been very nerdy about the music I listen to. And on top of just consuming songs, I’ve always enjoyed knowing more about them, the background, context, how they’re made, and all that. One night, at a party in London, I got talking to a musician about his band and the kind of things they did. It sparked a nosey thought. I wonder how much they make? I can’t have been the only one wondering these things. So naturally, I decided to create this [calculator].” – Gabi Ferraté stated

The use of streaming services has risen over the bumpy last 18 months, along with what Gabi thinks is a new perspective for fans. There’s still more to come from this project. But Gabi is working on adding radio and TV data from BMAT’s vast database to improve the tool. Also, he’s “developing a chart exhibiting the most looked up artists as well as delving into some cross-data results like aggregating countries or genres and contrasting them.”

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