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Gabby B releases a rhythmic afrobeats single, entitled, “Fire”

Gabby B is a Miami, Florida-based singer-songwriter, viral creator, and performer, from Goiania, Brazil. Not too long ago, she released a rhythmic afrobeats single, titled, “Fire,” via Muy Bueno.

Gabby B – “Fire” lyric video

“Won’t let them steal my fire, my voice reigns into power. The flames are getting higher, the cause of your desire. I’m dancing to my own beat, I am my own fantasy. The flames are getting higher, so can you take the heat? People stop, people watch, you can worship, please don’t touch. See her light, see her mind, she’s the fruit of the divine. Don’t tell me how I shoulda got dressed, don’t tell me what to do with my body. Don’t tell me that a woman is less, don’t tell me that a woman’s worth nothing.” – lyrics

‘Fire’ is based on a sense of confidence. It leans into the perception of Gabby B as a larger-than-life figure, as well as her mindset of internal strength, showing no signs of standing down. It was ultimately inspired by Gabby’s passion for success as well as her unwillingness to change who she is for anybody else.

Gabby sings with a fiery passion, “You’re so obsessed with all her curves, you can’t get enough of her.” And we can’t get enough of Gabby. “Fire” will be featured on Gabby B’s upcoming EP, which will include other upbeat, motivational, and catchy pop songs.

“The flames are getting higher. So can you take the heat?”

Gabby B press photo

So far, Gabby B (@gabbyb_music) has accumulated over 5 million followers. She was born an only child to a mother (a Brazilian performer) and a father (a professional martial arts master). Gabby was instantly synchronized with two worlds that would eventually shape-shift her passion for entertainment. Due to her time spent living in many different countries, Gabby B is fluent in three different languages and sings in four (English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish).

Gabby has accumulated many musical accolades in her short career. Her single “Pose” charted in the top 5 on iTunes pop charts and #15 overall in South Africa in 2021. In 2022, her single “Dance All Night” charted #75 on the iTunes pop chart in Hong Kong.

Gabby B – “Belly Dancer” (Official Video)

Gabby B has released one viral music video after another, tallying millions of views on songs such as “Belly Dancer,” “Pretty Girl Lit,” “Earthquake,” and “One Too Many.”

Gabby has shared the stage with artists like Flo Rida, Ja Rule, Justina Valentine, Jax, and many more. Lately, Gabby has headlined various events such as the Stonewall Pride Festival and other local nightclub venues. This year she was featured on Local 7 News and Deco Drive, who have been following her musical journey.

Gabby B – “Fire” single

Gabby B - “Fire” cover art

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