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G Elenil releases a music video for her “Cool It” single

G Elenil is a rising hip-hop artist from Brisbane, Australia. Not too long ago, she released a music video for “Cool It”, a melodic rap tune from her debut EP, entitled, “Kin”.

G Elenil – “Cool It”

“‘Cool It’ is about wanting something and being on the limit of your abilities. The sort of people that find themselves there are my favorite people. I want them to feel this track like that.” – G Elenil

‘Cool It’ contains a relatable narrative, singing-rap vocals, and a melodic instrumentation flavored with hip-hop and bubbly trap elements.

G Elenil – “Kin” EP

G Elenil – “Kin” + artwork
Artwork by G Elenil

“Each song on ‘Kin’ was made in a unique way. Some music for the album was written by me and brought to frequent collaborator, tomtom. Others were made together during long studio days, bouncing between moods. It took just over 6 months for the full EP to take shape. And in that time, the music developed a unique story, gently reflecting my experiences in that time.” – G Elenil

G Elenil is also a producer, visual artist, and streetwear label owner. Her music asserts her sexual independence and celebrates her community. Also, her “Kin” EP serves as a diary. The urban project highlights family issues such as struggles with financial stress, neglect, and addiction. Check it out via Spotify.

“Kin” EP

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