Franko Fraize

Franko Fraize releases visuals for his “Let It Go” single featuring Tone

Franko Fraize is a rapper out of the United Kingdom. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Let It Go”, a nostalgic dance-inspired single from his upcoming “Lights and Colour” EP featuring Tone.

Franko Fraize – “Let It Go”

“The single contains cantering basslines, retro piano chords, and air horns bustle alongside the charismatic lyrical charm and delivery of Franko Fraize.”  

“Let It Go” epitomizes the importance of kicking back, letting go, and enjoying the little moments in life. Also, it’s perfumed with an uplifting vibe, feel-good instrumentation, and good-energy raps. The single fills a space reminiscent of ‘90s house music, twisted with UK raps, and soulful R&B courtesy of Tone on the hook.

Franko Fraize

In conclusion, it’s evident that Franko Fraize has a talent that is in high demand. As he sets out to deliver his best music so far, his journey looks set to reach new highs. Also, his “Lights & Colour” EP is due for release this Autumn.

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