Fortune’s Folly press photo outside
Photo by Athena Delene

Fortune’s Folly releases a lyric video for their “Summer Nights” single

Fortune’s Folly is a four-piece alternative rock band from Eugene, Oregon. Not too long ago, they released a lyric video for their “Summer Nights” single. Also, the robust tune is from their upcoming “Green” EP.

Fortune’s Folly – “Summer Nights”

“Blue Jays shrieking in the morning make sure I wake up. No time to be lazy. Buzzing around I’m a little bee who can never catch up. Got to make more honey. Like flowers pressed for time. Stuck in a stressed-out frame of mind.” – lyrics

‘Summer Nights’ contains a relatable storyline and ear-welcoming vocals. Also, it possesses an energetic instrumentation flavored with a summery indie scent. 

Fortune’s Folly

Fortune's Folly press photo
Fortune’s Folly’s band members include Calysta Cheyenne (vox), Ira Mazie (guitar), Jesse Sanchez (bass), and Alex ‘Squatch’ Koleber (drums). [Photo by Bradley Cook]

“Our mission is to create a passionate, accepting, and engaged community through music and performance. Also, our desire is to return that love and enthusiasm through music and create an atmosphere in which people can escape their differences and share their love for art and each other.” – Fortune’s Folly

Fortune’s Folly’s ever-growing network of fans, labeled, The FollyFam, includes people from all walks of life. Together, they provide an avenue for people to accept and appreciate each other through a shared love of music. Also, not too long ago, they were voted “Best Band in Eugene” by the EugeneWeekly’s readers’ poll 2017 Winner.

We recommend adding Fortune’s Folly’s “Summer Nights” single to your personal playlist.

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