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Footwerk releases visuals for their “Monsters” single featuring Noochie & 88Wess

Footwerk is a Bohemian indie-pop/hip-hop outfit. Not too long ago, they released a music video for their “Monsters” single featuring Atlantic recording artist Noochie and producer 88Wess.

Footwerk – “Monsters” feat. Noochie & 88Wess

The Joel Mulbah-directed video finds Footwerk’s lead vocalist Kyle Higginbotham, and his lady friend, walking across an elongated bridge. The next scene shows them walking on a dirt path through a forest area. Also, imaginary monsters (harmless mascots) are following them wherever they go.

But the monsters are only visible to Higginbotham, and as they disappear, they reappear again. Also, Higginbotham self-diagnosed his issues with substance abuse, sex addiction, and monetary ambition by rapping about it.



“Noochie hijacks the track with a marvelous cadence while referencing the song’s theme and articulating the dilemmas that come with success in the music industry.”

‘Monsters’ contains a relatable narrative, melodic raps, and a groovy instrumentation embedded with hip-hop and pop elements. Also, the track and visuals exemplify accomplished artists from different musical backgrounds coming together to find a creative common ground.



Footwerk, vocally led by London-born Higginbotham, finds ways to blend vocals from keyboardist/producer Teddi Withers and songwriter/percussionist Eric Rivera. They do this in a perfect harmony with the imperfect human experience. They have created oneness at the crossroads of where producer and musicians find their voices and then leave it all behind.

We recommend adding Footwerk’s “Monsters” single featuring Noochie and 88Wess to your personal playlist.

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