Foley press photo
Photo by James Murray Films

Foley releases an alternative-pop tune, entitled, “Stranger”

Foley (Ashleigh Wallace and Gabriel Everett) is a musical duo from New Zealand. Not too long ago, they released an alternative-pop tune, entitled, “Stranger”.

Foley – “Stranger”

“Goodbye to ya. I don’t recognize who you are. Know what you want. Baby, you didn’t give me enough. And I can’t keep on hoping, so it’s goodbye to ya.” – lyrics

‘Stranger’ tells the tale of a young woman who has no choice but to say goodbye to a once loving relationship shared between her and her ex-boyfriend. Apparently, the complex relationship has become problematic and the couple is now struggling to understand, ‘how the ones we love can hurt us the most.’ The man has a new girlfriend, therefore, the woman has no choice but to move on and accept the new changes in her life.

‘Stranger’ contains a relatable storyline, lush pop vocals, and ear-welcoming melodies. Also, the song possesses a spunky instrumentation perfumed with an electro-pop scent.


Foley press photo
Photo by James Murray Films

“In the complex landscape of young love, ‘Stranger’ narrates the struggle to reconcile who we are before, and after, a pivotal relationship in our history.” – Foley

Foley’s music has amassed over 200k streams online. Also, they have played at New Zealand’s largest New Year’s festival, Rhythm & Vines, for two consecutive years.

We recommend adding Foley’s “Stranger” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below. 

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