Flores releases an attractive R&B tune, entitled, “Wings”

Flores is a Norway-based R&B/Soul singer from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released an attractive R&B tune, entitled, “Wings”. 

Flores – “Wings”

“Boy, I got a question for you. Did you love me once? Throw my body down the river. I’ll send a prayer for you. Oh Lord, I’ve been searching for the answer. Need forgiveness, I think I might need a pastor.” – lyrics

‘Wings’ consists of a relatable storyline, affectionate vocals, and an alluring slow-grinding instrumentation perfumed with a mystical appeal.

Also, the song tells a tale of a woman who’s hurting deep down within. She’s emotionally attached to someone she needs to let go of. But it’s difficult to do so especially when she isn’t strong enough to pull away by herself.

Flores + “Wings” 😇


Therefore, she asks a higher power to give her the wings to ‘let go’, a sign she can’t do it on her own strength. She needs divine help. Also, the wings symbolize strength and something that will help her fly out of the sunken place she doesn’t want to call home.

We recommend adding Flores’ “Wings” single to your personal playlist.

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