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Flara K releases an adorable lyric video for their “I Am Yours” single

Flara K  (Sam Martel & Collin Steinz) is a musical outfit based in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Not too long ago, they released an adorable lyric video for their ’90s R&B-inspired pop tune, entitled, “I Am Yours”.

Flara K – “I Am Yours” lyric video

“I can see you holding back. Baby, what’s on your mind? If it’s me, can I speak once before we argue? We got issues that I thought we’d never see through. But we’re here and it’s clear baby, let’s not argue.” – Flara K

‘I Am Yours’ tells a tale of a woman who’s trying her best to mend a problematic relationship which she shares with her significant other. Apparently, the woman is sick and tired of arguing with her partner and doesn’t want to argue anymore because he has his own issues he needs to work on and she does also.

But a little insecurity prompts her to asks him, “Am I the only one?” In the same breath, she pleads with her partner not to leave her again because they belong together and she can’t do life without him.

‘I Am Yours’ contains a relatable storyline, beautiful soul vocals, and vibey instrumentation flavored with nostalgic R&B and indie-pop elements.

Flara K – “I Am Yours” single

Flara K + "I Am Yours" artwork

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