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Felix Cartal releases a music video for his “Mood” single

Felix Cartal is a groovy dance producer from Vancouver, Canada. Not too long ago, he released “Mood”, a fun single from his “Next Season” album.  

Felix Cartal – “Mood”

“Monday is my Saturday. We don’t worry ’bout anything. This is my mood, every week is a holiday. Kill the game, we were born to slay it. Ooh, never ever felt so good.” – lyrics

The music video finds a group of best friends having fun on a Monday. They go on multiple adventures amid gorgeous countryside and ocean backdrop. Also, the video captures the brilliance, energy, and positivity of Cartal’s music.

‘Mood’ contains a relatable storyline, happy pop vocals, and dance-floor friendly instrumentation flavored with electro-dance elements.

Felix Cartal

Felix Cartal – “Mood”

“‘Mood’ always felt like this song where I wanted to add a bit of positivity to 2018. I hope the video does that too. Maybe, it will take you back to that one summer night where nothing mattered except that moment.” – Felix Cartal

‘Mood’ concludes Cartal’s “Next Season” saga, which has amassed over 55M streams on Spotify. Also, his Spotify channel has amassed over 75M streams. Not too long ago, he was included in Billboard’s ‘13 Dance Artists Who Dominated 2017’ feature. Check out Cartal’s “Next Season” album via Spotify.

“Next Season”

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