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Experience the Irresistible Vibes of Shalli’s New “Freezing” Single

Shalli (@shallisings) is a singer-songwriter based in Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a lovely music video for her new afrobeats single, “Freezing,” via Planet Rock.

Shalli – “Freezing” music video

“Wait for me when you say you don’t want no other. Calling when you say you don’t want no lover. Baby, tell me what you’re running from. Lately, feisty when you know you’re wrong. Freezing, your heart is cold as ice tonight.” – lyrics

“Freezing” tells a chilling tale about a woman who shares a challenging relationship with her significant other. One day, he tells her he can do better but his actions say otherwise. “Boy, I knew you were trouble from when we started,” she replied. “Like a thief in the night, boy, you stole my heart.”

“Freezing” encompasses modern Afrobeats from West Africa, R&B from America, and dancehall in the lyrical approach. Explosive, danceable, and contagious, the song is a perfect display of the undeniable vibe that only Shalli brings. “Freezing” also possesses rhythmic drum-laden instrumentation flavored with Afrobeats, Afro-pop, and dancehall elements.

“You take my pain for pleasure, I just want you forever.”

Shalli press photo

Shalli (of Dominican and Jamaican descent) exudes an authentic storytelling talent that conveys both vulnerability and strength. She began composing music at a young age. Her unique and powerful voice has captivated the hearts and minds of countless souls worldwide. A survivor of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, Shalli took that experience and channeled it into her songwriting. Since then, she has had a successful presence online, releasing 14 singles that have garnered millions of organic streams.

Whether it’s through her timeless music, unfiltered conversations, or advocacy for cultural awareness, Shalli creates art that is inspired by the world around her. This ability to cross cultural lines is a key feature of Shalli’s music that can be found in her songs today.

Shalli – “Freezing” single

Shalli - Freezing cover art

“No sunshine in my weather, you bring natural disaster. When rainfall no umbrella, you bring natural disaster.”

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